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Once banished from the designer toolbox thanks to its dated feel, difficult application and near-impossible removal, wallpaper has been creeping back into stylish homes due to innovations in its look, feel and use. And the timing of this renaissance couldn’t be better; designer trends are veering away from the bold accent walls and aggressive palettes of the past twenty years, so wallpaper has plenty of room to rise again as people explore alternatives to paint. Here are just a few reasons that interest in wallpaper is booming:

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Wallpaper is once again finding its way back into our homes with a whole array of new designs and textures.
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1. Easy Installation and Removal. As opposed to days of yore, when wallpaper was applied in a complicated process, and was almost impossible to remove, the new generation of wallpaper is designed with changeability in mind. Many of the newest brands can be moved, removed, or repositioned with ease, making wallpaper an ideal option for those who frequently tinker with their décor.

2. Variety. A simple search on Google for images of wallpaper reveals the new look of wallpaper, which is a far cry from your grandmother’s stodgy old patterns. Instead, wallpaper is now available in thousands of looks, from crisp refined neutrals to exotic patterns, simple textures to beaded and bedazzled, and industrial modernist to natural woods and foliage. Whatever the design scheme of your room, it’s likely that you’ll find a wallpaper to match.

3. Flexibility. Now that wallpaper is no longer a life-long commitment, people are finding interesting ways of using wallpaper in conjunction with other decorative elements, creating personalized and whimsical rooms that would be difficult to conjure any other way. Painted walls with decorative borders, papered accent walls, mixing wallpaper patterns, and using removable paper as a decorative decal are just some of the ways that people are incorporating wallpaper into their décor.

4. Finally, there’s the price. Affordability is high on the list of priorities for many design projects, and wallpaper presents a desirable nexus between price, quality, and choice. Slightly more expensive than painting, but often much cheaper than tile work, wallpaper allows decorators on a budget to recreate high-end looks without going off the financial deep-end. And, thanks to some of the reasons we’ve outline above, it also provides practical flexibility, which can be important to homeowners who may need to change décor for an upcoming sale of their home.

As you can see, the pitch of wallpaper is perfect for today’s decorators, who are looking for an affordable, easy way to change the look of a room, without locking themselves into an unchangeable wallpaper prison. As the array of options for fashion-forward wallpapers expands, it’s likely you’ll see wallpaper being used in more and more design contexts, where it’s limitless possibilities may help define the design trends of the coming decades.

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