Top Three Home Projects for (Almost) Spring

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While the true beginning of Spring remains a ways off, many parts of the country have enjoyed a mild and warm winter that is already easing into the fairer weather of the year’s most joyful season. The sun is shining, trees are budding, and the urge to dive into some springtime home projects may already be strong. Even for those still locked in rain, ice or snow, the drear may be wearing thin, and a spring-themed project may not only lighten the look of the house, but your mood as well. To that end, we present the top three springtime home projects, and how to go about accomplishing them!

Top Three Home Projects for Spring

It's that time of year again when spring cleaning, gardening, and home improvement projects come to life.

1. Get the Garden Going. If you live in one of the country’s warmer climates, such as the Sunbelt, Texas, or California, your growing season for spring is just about to commence. If the soil isn’t too moist or too hard, begin by weeding your planting areas and then tilling in soil amendments such as compost or fertilizers. Remove dead or frost-damaged plants, and trim your perennials. Once the threat of frost has passed, you can begin setting in new plants and flowers, including summer-bloomers. For those still stuck indoors, March is an excellent time to begin seedlings indoors that can be transplanted to the outside once the weather warms.

2. Prepare for Spring Cleaning. The annual festival of dusting and deep-cleaning may be a few months away, but you can get a headstart by tackling some of your home’s storage areas—spending some time now sorting, organizing and reducing your “stuff” can help immeasurable when it comes time to clean. Go through closets and remove for donation items that are no longer worn. Damaged clothing can be relegated to rags, or simply thrown away. If your closet is chaotic, now is a great time to invest in some simple closet organizing tools (like belt hangers, shoe boxes, etc.) that keep your wardrobe in order. Apply the same principles to the attic, basement or storage areas in the garage. Your home will feel lighter and more efficient as you clear out the mess, and this pre-work will make your spring cleaning much easier to tackle when it comes time.

3. Address the details. Whether you’re throwing open the doors to springtime weather, or snuggled in the house away from a storm outside, now is the perfect time to take a second look at some of the details of your home that seem to get overlooked in the busier times of the year. Small things can drag down the appearance of your home—nicked paint, cracked electrical plates, broken blinds, for example—yet they’re so minor in nature that they never seem to get addressed. This wedge of time between the hectic holidays and the beginning of summer offers a great opportunity to tackle some of the smaller home maintenance and improvement projects on your list. Most are easily accomplished in a few hours, but you’ll be amazed at the difference these details make in the happiness, comfort and pride you feel in your home!

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