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Looking for a new home, many buyers today begin their search with a serious decision: whether to buy a distressed and used home, or whether to opt for a home that is brand-new. While the common wisdom among many may be that buying a used home is “cheaper,” the reality is that new homes are often not only competitive in price with used homes, they also offer sounder value and better quality for the money! How, you may ask, can a homebuilder compete with the clearance prices seen on many used and distressed homes? The answer is simple: ingenuity, flexibility and a commitment to the dream of homeownership.

LGI Homes Texas & Arizona Builder

LGI Homes is The Leader in Affordable New Homes.

To begin with, LGI Homes has made a career out of building beautiful and affordable new homes in amenity-rich communities throughout Texas and Arizona. Through our unique and efficient development process we purchase, plan, prepare and develop our own land, cutting out a number of middle men and substantially reducing the costs of building our communities—savings which we then pass on to our customers. This means that our homes can be competitively-priced from the outset, and our commitment to quality materials and sound construction practices never have to be compromised just to keep our prices low.

We also increase the affordability of our homes through our No Money Down financing plans, which allow our buyers to move into their own brand-new home for absolutely no money out of pocket. Unlike with existing or distressed homes, our buyers don’t have to sacrifice the security of their savings in order to wrangle up a hefty twenty-percent downpayment. Instead, they can increase their financial stability through their reduced costs of living, with a mortgage payment often lower than their previous monthly rent. No money down and lower monthly payments make the purchase of an LGI Homes home not just ultra-easy but ultra-affordable too.

And this affordability is something that LGI Homes is committed to extending to every buyer, even those with prior credit troubles. These buyers may think that these financial issues preclude them from ever owning their own home, but LGI Homes knows differently. Our Credit Counseling program links appropriate buyers with an LGI Homes New Home Consultant, providing a free credit report and counseling them on a range of generous financing options that pave the way toward homeownership. Try getting that kind of customer service and counseling support when buying a used or distressed home!

As you can see, there are a number of ways in which LGI Homes has perfected the process of increasing home affordability while encouraging the dream of homeownership. These efforts can’t be approximated by the number of faceless financial institutions selling distressed properties and investors flipping trouble-ridden foreclosures back into the market. Are the prices on used homes low? No one can dispute that fact. But when it comes to customer service, true quality, and the desire to make dreams come true, LGI Homes’ case seems to settle the matter squarely on the side of brand-new homes.

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