The Benefits of Master-Planned Communities

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As we announced earlier this year, LGI Homes is both proud and excited to be one of the builders in South Houston’s beautiful new master-planned community, Sterling Lakes.

Sterling Lakes

While many of our prospective home buyers have also been excited at the possibility of obtaining high-quality, affordable homes in this stellar location, some have asked us, “What makes a master-planned community so special?” Today, we’re going to answer that question—along with some you may not even have thought of yet—and try to show you how a master-planned community isn’t just a good choice; it’s a great one.

What is a master-planned community?
A master-planned community like Sterling Lakes is a self-sufficient entity, focused not just on residences, but also on the host of auxiliary services that a thriving community requires. In the case of Sterling Lakes, residents will enjoy an exceptional location (located on Highway 288, and just south of Highway 6) along with leisure and recreational amenities built with family needs and modern lifestyles in mind.

What sort of amenities will Sterling Lakes provide?
Part of what makes us here at LGI Homes so excited about working within Sterling Lakes are the exceptional and attractive amenities that have been included in the area’s plan. From the $2.5 million Recreation Center Complex, to the walking trails and lakes, to the convenient bundled services (such as cable and internet) available to residents at low prices, and the safety and comfort of a fully guard-gated community. Sterling Lakes has tuned itself to what residents want, and left no detail outstanding in its effort to meet every need and desire.

Is Sterling Lakes really that much different than an existing community?
The answer to this one is both yes, and no. The beauty of a master-planned community is that it isn’t subject to years of whim and waiver by builders, residents, and local government. By being designed as a whole, the community follows a logical, comfortable plan that serves common purposes as well as individual comforts. While there are many existing communities that have grown organically into functional, pleasant places to live, we believe that master-planned communities like Sterling Lakes have an edge; at Sterling Lakes, residents are able to enjoy the benefits of owning beautiful brand-new homes, while luxuriating in the comforts, convenience, and sense of neighborhood that a fully-developed neighborhood can bring.

So how can I find out more about LGI Homes’ offerings in Sterling Lakes?
We’re glad you asked! LGI Homes is proud to offer six different floor plans in Sterling Lakes, ranging from 3-5 bedrooms. Best of all, prices to live in this community start at just $679 per month. You can find out more about Sterling Lakes in general—and LGI Homes’ houses there in particular— on our website.

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