The Advantages of Buying New Homes

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Jay Brown, president of Greater Fort Worth Home Builders’ Association, recently addressed the pros and cons of purchasing new homes, as opposed to opting for a resale. In addition to the obvious advantages of new homes’

New home

energy-efficiency, contemporary floor plans and master suites, and the ability to select appliances and flooring, there are other, less obvious reasons to go with a new home builder.

A typical urban or suburban neighborhood can be comprised of an eclectic group of residents. New neighborhoods, such as those offered by LGI Homes, are often family-focused environments, filled with friendly neighbors—many of whom likely share common interests.

Brown says that today’s builders, particularly Texas home builders, “are responding to home buyer preferences for outdoor living and entertaining. Rooms are designed to flow into each other more easily and new versions of the great room concept lend generous space for parties and informal gatherings. If you enjoy patio dining and relaxing, you’ll find that new homes offer more common areas and transitional living spaces, as well as outdoor kitchens and fireplaces.”

When looking at resale homes, would-be buyers have to imagine what the space will look like when decorated to their liking. Buying a new home allows buyers to create the home decor from the very beginning, Brown says, “without the time and expense of removing wallpaper, popcorn ceilings or dated paint colors. Having a clean slate and a sparkling new kitchen can also make new construction very appealing. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about working with overgrown shrubbery or unimaginative landscaping.”

Brown also points out that new homes are designed to accommodate modern technology in a way homes built even just five years ago couldn’t imagine. “New homes are wired or pre-wired to accommodate the latest in high-definition televisions, home theatres, DVRs, computers and other technology-related devices and applications,” he explains. “Many older homes are simply not equipped to handle the different electrical requirements of today’s (and tomorrow’s) technology.”

For more information on the way today’s homes are built, visit an LGI Homes community in San Antonio, Houston, or Fort Worth.

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