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The Pecos floor plan at Mallard Crossing in Northwest Houston

One of the benefits of living a bit further out from the heart of the urban environment is the space that such communities grant for the simpler pleasures, such as a stroll down tree-lined walking paths, a dip in a backyard pool, or a day of gardening in your home’s front or back yard. At many of our LGI Homes communities, our brand-new homes are offered on oversized, landscaped lots that give homeowners even more space in which to relax, live, and play. Each of our homeowners answers the question, “What to do with all of this space?” in a different way, but for most the extra space represents the opportunity for fun, happiness and enjoyment. What to do with all of that space? Here are some tips on how to figure out your own answer to that question.

Observe. There’s nothing like an excuse to take some time out in the early summer, sitting quietly in your yard and learning about your land. Grab a drink, settle into a comfortable chair, and learn about your yard. Where does the sun shine brightest? Are there shady areas? What areas of the yard get sun for the longest period throughout the day? Answering these questions will help lay the groundwork for how your large lot can best be utilized, and which areas may be devoted to different plants, activities or uses.

Consider. With a large lot like those offered in select LGI Homes communities, you have a number of options when it comes to making the most of the land surrounding your home. How do you envision spending your time there? Big barbecues while you watch the game on an outdoor t.v.? Enjoying popsicles while the children play? Harvesting home-grown veggies and flowers? Playing fetch with the dog? Or perhaps a blend of all of these things? What you want to do in your backyard defines how it should be designed to answer to your needs, and will give you the best idea on where to start looking for ideas.

Dream. Once you know how you want to use your yard, it’s time to start dreaming. Look through home decorating or design magazines, visit websites, and keep your eye out in the neighborhood for plants, layouts, designs and details that catch your fancy. To begin with, price is no object—you can use ideas from the most expensive landscapes and backyards, then tailor those concepts to fit your own budget. This is the fun part of landscape and yard planning, so enjoy! Some great websites for ideas include:

Southern Living
Better Homes and Gardens
Texas SmartScape
National Gardening Association

Tailor. If you’ve gathered a number of ideas, now is the time to start tailoring those ideas to your distinct tastes, the needs of your family, and the dictates of your budget. You can hire a landscaper or landscape designer to synthesize these ideas together, or you can enjoy the process of planning on your own. Try to come up with an overall plan on how your lot will look after all of the work is complete. You can make a simple drawing, use a computer program, or create an “idea board” that details the elements you want to incorporate, from hardscape, to plants, to lighting. If you’re doing the work on your own, as many choose to do, realize that the lot will be a work-in-progress for a few years—the fun is in the journey!

Get started. Once your plan is in place, you can start building (or planting) the yard of your dreams! It may start with planting some trees, or it may start with laying down a stone pathway. Whatever catches your fancy is a great place to start. Just enjoy the blessing of your own large lot of land, and see where the spirit takes you!

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