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Now that the first day of summer has nearly arrived, the lazy days of summer have truly begun. But before you get into a vacation mind frame, take the time to do some vital summer cleaning. Summer is the time of backyard barbecues, pool parties (if you are lucky enough to have a pool), or impromptu backyard picnics. So keep the outside of your home company ready with a few important maintenance projects.

Summer Maintenance: Time to clean the gutters

This past winter and spring brought unusually turbulent weather and moisture is not a homeowner’s friend. Check for any problems by carefully inspecting your home’s foundation, both inside and out. Repair any cracks you may find using caulk or cement. If you come across any areas where the ground has eroded away from the wall, fill them in with fresh dirt. Just make sure to slope the dirt away from the foundation, to prevent water from pooling up next to the foundation during the next storm.

Next, clean out the gutters and downspouts, and if you spot any places where winter snow has soaked through boards, replace them to prevent future rotting. Replace damaged siding that can’t be fixed and any broken roof shingles. If you have a deck or porch, check the integrity of the planks, replacing any that have warped or are damaged. Inspect your patio and use a quick drying cement to repair any cracks.

Once that is done, give your house a refreshing power wash to remove accumulated dirt and debris. A power wash can also eliminate mildew and help prevent mold from gaining a foothold. If you are feeling ambitious, and have owned your home for a number of years, you may want to add a fresh coat of paint to the exterior.

By taking a couple of weekends to perform regular maintenance and refresh your house now, you’ll save time and money down the road—and have a picture perfect house inside and out.

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  1. Tara Opalski Says:

    What great advice! As a professional remodeler, we are proud to take high maintenance products like cedar siding off of of homes and putting new LOW maintenance products on, like fiber-cement siding! (No product is maintenance-free!) Homeowners can continue to enjoy their beautiful curb appeal by going outside a few times a year to power-wash their new siding and clean gutters and shutters to keep the cobwebs and the dirt off! Strong wind storms can knock items loose or push them around. Going outside and walking the perimeter of your home after a storm makes you aware of potential areas that could grow to larger issues. If you have recently had work done by a professional remodeler, this perimeter walking is a great opportunity for you to connect with your contractor, have them help you with maintenance items and use that time to inspect other items on the home that might need replacing!