Smart Phone Apps That Will Make Your Move Effortless

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Long gone are the days when movers had to scour the Yellowpages to find a moving company or compile a binder filled with moving checklists on paper. Thanks to modern technology, preparing for your move has never been easier, and you can effortlessly research and organize everything you need with just a few swipes on your smart phone screen. As you anxiously count down the days until you move into your new place, download a few of these smart phone apps to keep you on track and make sure no detail goes unnoticed.

Moving Apps for Smart Phones

There are numerous smart phone apps available for those who are moving that are designed to ease some of the common issues and problems that can arise.

Moving Day – This application allows you to photograph everything you want to take and converts the images into a virtual checklist. It also allows you to scan bar codes and create labels to keep your boxes organized and to make sure nothing gets left behind. It’s a great resource for packing tips and other advice related to moving, such as how to pack a moving truck or how to choose a company to transport your stuff.

Moving Planner – Android owners can use Moving Planner to compile a detailed checklist of items that need to be packed. The application comes preloaded with 210 common household items and you can add your own items manually so nothing gets forgotten. This app is simple and straight to the point, so it’s ideal for movers who just want an app for making a packing list.

My Move – If you’re looking for an all-in-one app that includes anything and everything you need to stay organized for the move, check out My Move for iPhone and Android. This free application allows you to compile a packing list, research moving company reviews, make to-do lists, jot down important notes and calculate your moving costs.

State Farm Move Tools – Are you a bit prone to procrastination or unsure when you should complete each step of the moving process? State Farm’s Move Tools app for iPhone can help you stay organized on on task by providing you with to-do lists on a moving time line. You can also make labels for your boxes using this application.

Yardsale – Looking to downsize before you pack up the moving truck and head for your new home? Yardsale is an iPhone app that allows you to make a little bit of extra cash off your unwanted goods – right from your smart phone! Save yourself the hassle of setting up tables for a garage sale and simply snap a few photos along with a short description to post on the app. Other users in your area can browse the wares you post on your account and make offers on anything that catches their interest.

Yelp! – Once you arrive in your new community, you may be at a loss when it comes to where to buy your groceries or where to enjoy a nice family dinner to celebrate getting settled in your new place. The Yelp! app will show you first-hand just how convenient our community locations are and will allow you to read reviews for local businesses written by real patrons. The Yelp! app is available for both iPhone and Android.

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