Playing it Safe at Your Community Playground

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Rendering of a Playground at Luckey Ranch

Over the years, we’ve found that buyers of LGI Homes houses often gravitate towards our communities because of each neighborhood’s family-oriented and kid-friendly appeal. And it’s more than the spacious floorplans, affordable prices, and high-quality construction that has parents feeling good about their purchase—it’s also the many amenities available in each community that give families ample opportunity to enjoy time together while playing, relaxing or exercising.

One appreciated feature found in our communities are the neighborhood playgrounds, where kids can gather to play with local friends, get some sun and fresh air, and work off some of the abundant energy that so defines the vigor of youth. But even though these designated spaces are designed with the health, happiness and safety of children in mind, there are still some simple things parents can do to ensure that time spent at the playground is all about fun, and not an unscheduled trip to the doctor’s office.

– Ensure adult supervision. It goes without saying that kids can get into scrapes, and the careful eye of an adult is essential to escaping otherwise preventable injuries. Watchful adults should ensure that children are using the playground in the manner intended, and keep an eye out for dangerous situations.

– Pay attention to design. Most playgrounds come with specifications about the age of child for which it was built. Playsets with younger age limits—typically for toddlers—tend to be smaller, and sized appropriately for little hands and feet. Larger playsets, designed for the acute motor skills and advanced comprehension of older kids, tend to include more complicated layouts and stand higher off of the ground. Children younger than the age specifications of the playground set should stay off, or play only with close supervision.

– Pack a kit. Even with the best of intentions, scrapes and injuries can occur, so it helps to have a first aid kit handy to address any minor bumps and bruises, or to help stabilize a more serious injury until professional help can be consulted. A good kit will include first aid cream, bandaids, cotton gauze, bandages, tweezers and antiseptic wipes.

– Pitch in. Keeping a playground safe is a community effort, so take the time to look over the playground area before kids begin to play. Even a small, stray piece of broken glass or debris can cause an injury, so it’s best to remove such things before they pose a problem in the course of play.

– Teach, teach, teach. For kids, play is work, so it’s no wonder that there’s a lot to learn, even when visiting the playground. Take the time to review with your children the ground rules of staying safe on the playground, including looking out for smaller children, using equipment in intended ways, not taking undue risks, and not outpacing their abilities.

With these simple things in mind, a trip to a neighborhood playground like those found in LGI Homes communities can make for an enjoyable, fun day—without worry of tears, scrapes or injuries.

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