Painting Tips for Homeowners

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Homeowner Painting Tips

While neutral white walls may be recommended when selling a house, once the home is yours, choosing a color scheme is the most obvious way to put your individual style and personality into the décor. By following some simple tips, you can make your home look designer-perfect.

Start by painting the walls in the main rooms or living spaces, such as the foyer, living room, and dining room. Keep in mind that your color scheme needs to complement your primary furniture and/or accessories. If you have a painting that dominates the room, choose colors found in that painting. Patterned rugs, such as a Persian rug, provide lots of great color options to explore. Likewise, if your couch has a pattern, you can start with the colors found in that pattern to find a color palette for your walls.

After the main areas are painted, use other shades from your color scheme for secondary rooms like bedrooms, bathrooms, the den or office spaces.

It is well known that color can affect mood. Red, for example, is said to be invigorating, making it a popular choice for living rooms and dining rooms, because it’s a color conducive to conversation. Plus, red always creates a strong first impression, creating an upbeat environment for company. Consider the mood you want in each room, then choose your colors accordingly.

Lighter shades of paint make a room appear larger, so make sure the hue you choose matches the space you are painting. In you have a small guest half-bath, avoid dark shades, which can draw the walls in and make the space feel tight. Remember that a color can be rich or vivid without being overly dense or dark. Plus, lighter shades better reflect sunlight, adding to the warmth of any room.

If you prefer neutral colors, remember there are more shades available than pearl white. Consider a neutral color with some depth, such as bronze, gold, tan, or peach, which still fall within a neutral scheme but add some pizzazz and energy to a room.

Just remember, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to picking out paint colors. Choosing the color scheme that best suits your sensibilities is the surest way to turn your new house into your home.

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