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While all of LGI Homes communities are in areas notorious for remaining temperate year-round, there’s something about springtime that seems to inspire people to step outside and spend time in the sunshine. From fun family picnics at the park to relaxing afternoons amongst nature on a walking trail, residents of our communities have access to countless outdoor activities in the comfort of their own neighborhoods. If you’re curious about the outdoor fun you could be having just moments from your front door, check out these outdoor activities present in many of LGI Homes communities.

LGI Homes Community Playground

One of the comforts of buying an LGI home is that each of the builder’s communities offers an array of amenities for residents.

Parks – Opportunities for fun are endless at your local park, and almost all of our neighborhoods have at least one park present in the community. Change up your reading routine and spend a quiet afternoons alone with your favorite book at the park, or pack up the kids and spend the day bug catching or playing make believe. Our parks are the perfect place to teach your little ones how to play catch or treat your dog to a quick game of frisby.

Walking Trails – Looking for an easy way to shed a few pounds for summer? Take advantage of the walking trails incorporated into some of our communities. Not only will you notice your waistline slimming down after a few weeks of short afternoon walks, you’ll also notice an improvement in your overall health and happiness. Take a walk by yourself, with your partner, with the kids or with your four-legged friend this season.

Fields – Some of our communities are home to multi-purpose fields that are great for a game of soccer, football, rugby or any other sport that strikes your fancy. This summer, you can expect to see the kids gathered together tossing a ball back and forth or playing tag, or you could take advantage of the season and engage in a little bit of friendly competition by forming sports teams with your neighbors and hosting weekly games for the whole neighborhood to partake in.

Greenbelts – Are you a wildlife lover or a birdwatcher? You don’t have to head off to the wilderness to experience nature as a member of an LGI Homes community, as several of our neighborhoods feature open greenbelt areas that are home to a wide variety of native wildlife.

Playgrounds – With summer break approaching and the kids out of school, you’ll likely find your children have tons of energy and no outlet for any of it without the daily routine of recess. Let the kids run wild and spend time with their friends at your local playground.

Pools – As the weather continues to heat up and the summer sun becomes unbearable, residents in our communities with pools will most certainly take advantage of the opportunities to get wet and stay cool. Some of our communities even feature splash pools for toddlers, so even our youngest residents can enjoy the fun!

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