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Every new year presents us with the same opportunity to redefine our lives in a positive direction. Whether we aim to be kinder throughout the year, to be more organized, or even to shed a pound or two, the new year and the resolutions that it births are our chance to become better people, living happier lives. Of course, housing isn’t always tops on a new year’s resolution list, but at LGI Homes we believe strongly that where we live—and how we feel about where we live—affects who we are, how we live, and our ability to become the people we want to be.

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Think of it this way: you begin and end each day in your home. “Coming home” is a transition not only functional in its reality (we do it each day), but also symbolic in its meaning. To come home is to be where you are comfortable, happy, fulfilled and joyous. To come home is to be where you are most yourself, living easily with who you are, and free to pursue whatever adventures and challenges your future may bring.

Can we truly be at home in a rented apartment or house? That is owned by someone else? In which we have no stake but the fact that our mail arrives there each day? In a rental we surround ourselves with temporary walls, which we may leave at any time. There is nothing there to cultivate a feeling of connection, to give us the freedom to relax and live that is part of the experience of owning our own home. It is precisely this experience, this freedom to pursue our happiness, that has made owning a home part of the American Dream, fundamental to a country built upon the freedom of every man, woman and child to become the best person they can be.

So this new year, as you plan a new diet, buy new organizers for your closet, or vow to write letters to your Great Aunt Tilly, consider this: low interest rates, high affordability and scores of pristine communities full of brand-new homes are creating ideal conditions for homeownership in 2012. LGI Homes’ new home developments throughout Texas and Arizona are bringing thousands of people home in the new year, introducing them to the unique joys and fulfilling sense of connection and community that make homeownership a sought after goal for nearly every American.

And with the costs of owning a home nearly equivalent (and sometimes cheaper) than that of renting, owners in LGI Homes’ beautiful, quality and affordable communities are starting off the new year confident in their direction, ready to embrace the live that plays out both within and without the walls of a home that they call, wholly and truthfully, their very own.

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