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Incase you missed out on the $8,000 tax credit that ended at the beginning of November, we have great news for you.  The $8,000 First-Time Homebuyer Tax Credit has been extended for an additional six months.  This is a great deal for those looking to buy their first home.  With the new additions to the tax credit extension, existing homeowners and repeat buyers may be eligible for a tax credit up to $6,500. 

This Tax Credit applies to homes contracted for sale between November 7, 2009 and April 30, 2010 and close by June 30, 2010.

They call it a tax credit, but it is really cash to you. When you submit your tax return you simply fill out a form to show you qualify for the credit and attach proof of purchase for the home. Then you get to take up to $8,000 right off your taxes.  Say you only owe $2,000 in taxes then you get the balance back from the government.  If you are already receiving a refund this credit will be added to the refund amount you receive.  Best of all this tax credit does not have to be paid back.

With today’s historic low interest rates hundreds of families are finding they can own a brand new home for less than they are paying in rent.  At LGI Homes we have new homes starting as low as $599 per month.

LGI Homes is the leader in affordable housing for First-Time Homebuyers.  With communities in Houston, San Antonio, and Fort Worth, LGI Homes has the perfect home for you and your family available for immediate move in. 

You have a limited time to take advantage of this Tax Credit. Take the first step towards homeownership and visit one of the beautiful LGI Homes communities today. For details and additional information on the Federal Homebuyer Tax Credit, visit


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This Tax Credit Extension video, put out by, explains the changes in an easy and entertaining manner.  Follow Bob and Sally as they learn more about the changes to the Tax Credit and how they can take advantage of it.



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