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It’s no secret that the way we live today is vastly different than the way our parents (or grandparents) lived decades ago. We drive more, spend more time sitting at our desks, and even dine out much more often than they ever did. Yet our most recent generations are also more active, dynamic and creative than ever before, leading their lives in ways even our most recent ancestors may have thought impossible. And we’re doing this on our own terms, in our own ways, in communities and neighborhoods built for a modern sensibility and a modern way of life.

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Recent generations are much more active than our ancestors, maybe we just have more free time on our hands?

Foremost in the cultural change from just a few decades ago is our desire to be out and about, spending our time engaged in healthful and vigorous activities that embolden our spirits even as they improve our minds and fortify our bodies. Older neighborhoods, built in the golden years of sprawl and suburban reclusion, were often built to cater to a singularly car-based lifestyle that we no longer cling to. To get into the car was a pastime, and no thought was given towards providing amenities for residents. Not when things were only a car drive away!

Lacking nearby parks, devoid of sports fields, picnic areas, and sometimes even sidewalks, these neighborhoods make it nearly impossible for families to enjoy the types of outings—jogs, walks, bike rides, trips to the playground—that are a staple for most of today’s households.

It’s no wonder, then, that many families are searching out newly-built homes in brand-new communities that have been built with the way we live today in mind. Communities like those constructed by LGI Homes include a wide array of active living opportunities, such as beautiful parks, landscaped walking trails, sports courts, sporting fields, swimming pools, fishing lakes, splash pads, playgrounds and tot lots. All of these amenities aren’t a car-drive away, or in another town. They’re here, in the heart of the neighborhood, just a short stroll away from your house. Whether you’re out jogging with your partner, or packing the kids into a stroller, you’ll appreciate the ability to enjoy fresh air and exercise, without having to leave the safety and comfort of the place you call home.

All of these community amenities would come, you might think, at a steep price. But the reality is that these active opportunities are just part of the exceptional value and high-quality lifestyles that define the LGI Homes community experience. And at prices equivalent to—or lower than—what many people pay in rent, thousands of households have found themselves living in beautiful new homes in sparkling new communities that cater to the way they love to live, without sacrificing their financial health to do so.

Active lifestyles, quality homes, and affordable prices—the perfect communities for the way we live today. Why not stop by an LGI Homes community near you and experience the difference for yourself?

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