Merry Days and Restful Nights

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Whether the holiday season means snow out-of-doors or donning a pair of mistletoe-inspired flip-flops, the comfort and warmth we feel in our homes is part of what we celebrate this time of year. Having a safe and secure home in which to enjoy the company of our friends and family touches at the heart of what home means to us all, and illuminates our celebrations whether cultural, traditional, religious or personal. Indeed the concept of home is at the heart of all of our families, and therefore at the heart of all of our festivities. And no one understands more clearly this true concept of home than LGI Homes, working, as we do, year-round to bring the settled pleasure of homeownership into reality for thousands of people.

Merry Days and Restful Nights

Concept of home is at the heart of all of our families, and therefore at the heart of all of our festivities.

After all, when surrounded by the people who mean the most to us, the place in which we gather is perhaps not as important as that we gather together at all. But the joy of having others in our home, sharing our food, company, conversation and time, brings a special sort of meaning to the holidays. LGI Homes homeowners, whether just receiving the keys to their brand-new homes or marking off the years since moving in, are all acquainted with the particular gratification that comes with having ample space to host their loved ones at this time of year. From large kitchens appointed with brand-new appliances and customized cabinets, to the dedicated dining rooms available in many plans, holidays are enhanced by the guest-friendly flow and functional floorplans of each LGI Homes house. This is because each house is built expressly to be your family’s true home.

Then, after the merriment has died down and the last vestiges of holiday cheer are packed away for next year, LGI Homes homeowners also come to appreciate the restful nights that follow. Living as they do in homes built with integrity, quality and affordability in mind, they enjoy the many benefits and pleasures of homeownership, without laying awake at night worried for the state of their home’s structure, or the size of their bank account. With affordable monthly payments that are often less than rent, their financial lives are in order and on track; and with LGI Homes’ generous structural warranties, they rest soundly knowing that should any problems with their home arise, LGI Homes will be there to resolve the problem.

When it comes down to it, a home is simply a house, imbued with love and light, in which your days ought to be merry and your nights ought to offer a sleep that is sound, safe, and unfettered by worry. Why not come by this holiday season and discover what thousands of LGI Homes homeowners already know? That happiness in a house is only possible if it enables you to live the life you long to live, without fear, worry, stress or complaint. Merry days, and quiet restful nights, all in the secure warmth of your very own home—that’s what the dream of homeownership is really all about.

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