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Here in the United States, owning a home isn’t just a practical issue of shelter, it’s an ideal, imbued with the rich independent heritage of our country, something toward which we all strive. Of course, furthering the dream of homeownership amidst the turbulence of the past few years hasn’t been easy, but it has still been necessary. That’s why since its beginning, LGI Homes has pursued the role of dream-fulfiller with a ferocity of purpose that few, if any, other builders have been able to match. While others have floundered, LGI Homes has matched its building wits with the extant need in this country for high-quality, affordable homes that are located near the places that people work and play. And so far, the game play has yielded much success: thousands of one-time renters have become homeowners since LGI Homes’ founding in 2003, even in the midst of complicated and anxious economic times.

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How have they done it? Through an insistence upon affordability that exemplifies—rather than compromises—the other concepts in LGI Homes’ trilogy of ideals. Value (creating homes that are not just sound, but sought-after), Quality (insisting upon the best in terms of employees, materials, methods and locations) and Affordability are the very simple, but powerful doctrines that guide LGI Homes in every home, every community, and every sale. And while less abstract than the others, affordability may actually be the most important of all.

Think of it this way: all the quality and value in the world means nothing if households aspiring toward homeownership can’t ever make it through the door. Which means to truly make a difference, homes need to be accessible not just to the rich, but to ordinary folks as well. For some builders, being affordable is synonymous with being subpar—compromising on key touches like designer upgrades, interior space or community amenities in order to drop prices and entice buyers.

But LGI Homes saw it differently: what if it were not only possible to build high-quality homes at an affordable price, but also stock them with the sorts of high-demand upgrades that make a home really shine? All it took was some good-old American-style innovation, and a new concept of affordability was on its way.

The key was not to lowball trade partners or use lower-quality materials. Instead, LGI Homes devised a way to take fundamental control of each community that they build, a tactic which begins with finding prime lots in desirable areas that offered the best of suburban space and urban convenience. Then, they cut out the middlemen by preparing the land for each community themselves—including grading and building the community’s roads. This consolidated approach saves substantial amounts of money, which can then be invested in top-notch construction and designer accents throughout each home—all at prices that are not just competitive, but accessible.

Suddenly, being affordable isn’t just a marketing tactic distracting buyers away from mediocre housing—instead, it’s a badge of honor worn by a company that has upended the rules and created a new momentum for renters looking to make the jump into ownership. Affordability is the spring board that makes that jump possible, and LGI Homes isn’t just dedicated to preserving affordability—they’re working daily to find new and better ways to expand affordability, making homeownership accessible to everyone.

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