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Here at LGI Homes, we have much to be thankful for, and in this season of reflection, we can only pause a moment to appreciate the things that make us—as people, as employees, as workers and as builders—truly thankful.

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Here at LGI Homes we are very thankful for all of our customers.

THANKS to our customers, who have helped us realize a banner year in sales, and who continue to be at the heart of our company’s success. Their demand for quality affordable homes that offer the best in value and aesthetic appeal drives us to better ourselves—home after home, community after community. Without them, we would never be able to realize the growth and progress that has defined us since our start eight years ago.

THANKS to our employees, whose ceaseless efforts have made the dream of homeownership into a reality for nearly five hundred households this year. Their tenacity, honesty, hardwork and eagerness to learn have formed the strong central core upon which LGI Homes’ future is bound to thrive. Without them, not only would LGI Homes lack its characteristic optimism, it would also lose its most fundamental and irreplaceable asset: a staff that cares about its customers, its company, and its product.

THANKS to our trade partners, whose expertise, craftsmanship and pride in their work have set LGI Homes apart as a builder of quality. As a homebuilder, our relationships with our trade partners are some of the most important that we maintain, and we depend upon them every day to craft homes that are strong, stable, and solid. Without them, we could never have developed communities throughout Texas and Arizona that are built not just to please, but to last, and our customers would not have the peace of mind and sense of lasting value that is part and parcel of the LGI Homes ownership experience.

Thank you!

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