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Here at LGI Homes, we understand how frustrating and confusing buying a home can be for inexperienced buyers, so we try to offer assistance programs that make the home buying process as easy as possible. As a first-time buyer with limited or poor credit, you might think your financial history is going to hold you back from your dreams of home ownership, but our credit counseling program might prove you wrong! Here’s how our credit counseling program can help you overcome your credit-related obstacles and get you on your way to moving into one of our affordable, superior quality homes in less time than you think.

LGI Homes Credit Counseling Program

Allow LGI Homes’ Credit Counselors to advise you about your financial position and ability to purchase a new home.

Experienced Specialists – We’ve added experienced new home consultants and mortgage specialists to our team, and we utilize their talents in our credit counseling program. When you commit to giving the program a try, you can do so with faith that you’re working with experienced professionals with advanced knowledge regarding home buying, finances and mortgage options.

Confidential Appointments – Our credit counseling meetings are 100% confidential and none of your information will ever leave the room once you meet with a new home consultant and mortgage specialist. The appointment isn’t a commitment of any kind on your end – it’s simply to analyze your finances and determine what sort of financing options we might be able to help you qualify for.

LGI Homes Introduction – We believe our customers should be well-educated in all aspects of buying a home, including information about who they’re buying from! Your consultant will provide you with an introduction to LGI Homes and go over our history, values and service commitments so you can make sure we’re really the company you want to work with.

Free Credit Reports – During your appointment, we’ll provide you with a free copy of your credit report, as well as a mortgage analysis based on the information you give us. The consultant will carefully go over your credit report with you and discuss various options you qualify for.

No Money Down Purchase Option – Many of our customers are worried that lack of immediate funds for a down payment will prevent them from purchasing a home, and many are surprised to learn that they qualify for our no money down purchase option! Your consultant will inform you if you’re eligible for this option, which could make owning a home even easier than you think.

Purchase Agreement – After meeting with a consultant, you’ll get to check out our various floor plans and pick out the house that’s perfect for you. After finding your dream home, we’ll negotiate and settle on a price with you and draft up a purchase agreement that sets your purchase price in stone and solidifies our responsibilities to you.

Diverse Financing Options – Depending on what you qualify for when you meet with the specialist, we’ll go over various financing options that are available to you and help you select the perfect one to fit your budget. We’ll walk you through every step of the mortgage process and answer any questions you have a long the way.

Move In! – After we secure your mortgage, you’ll close on the home and that’s all there is to it! The home is yours and it’s time to start packing and preparing to move in.

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