Increase the Value of your New Home with Well-Maintained Landscaping: Part 4 – Walls & Fencing

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Walls and Fencing

The landscape around your new LGI home plays an important-role in the overall beauty of your property, as well as helps to prevent erosion.  Well-maintained landscaping will help increase the value of your property.  Part four of our four part landscaping series discusses Walls and Fencing. 

There are several different types of walls and fencing found on residential properties.  Each type requires different maintenance tasks and frequencies.  However, no matter what kind of walls and fencing you have there are some common guidelines.

It is important to keep landscaping trimmed away from walls and fencing and always remember do not change the grade.  The grade of the ground next to a wall or fence has been designed by an engineer.  Changes may cause tilting and cracking, or cause wood fencing that comes in contact with soil to rot.  It is also important to prevent water from ponding near walls and fencing.  Water, especially reclaimed water, can cause premature deterioration of the wall and fencing materials. 

Wood Fencing 

  • Clean with light pressure wash annually or as needed.
  • Treat the fencing with fungicide annually or as needed.  Follow the instruction on the product
  • Restain or repaint wood fencing every 3 to 5 years.


Lawn care tips and information provided by Compendia.

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