Increase the Value of your New Home with Well-Maintained Landscaping: Part 1 – Drainage & Grading

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Water and Drainage

The landscape around your new LGI home plays an important-role in the overall beauty of your property, as well as helps to prevent erosion.  Well-maintained landscaping will help increase the value of your property.  Landscape maintenance is divided into four main categories: Drainage and Grading, Hardscape, Plants and Walls and Fencing.  Part one of our four part landscaping series discusses Drainage and Grading. 

Maintain proper drainage and grading to best protect your landscaping, home, and property from water damage.  Water is the #1 potential hazard to your home!  Be sure to keep the adjacent grad sloped away from your home to allow water to drain properly.

Your lot has been graded to facilitate drainage of water to the street or other approved drainage structures.  It is essential that you maintain proper grading and drainage to prevent pooling that could affect your foundation and slab.  

Preserve Drainage Design.  Landscaping or hardscaping additions that change slopes or grades can effect drainage.  Keep water moving away from your house.  Many communities are built so that water drains from yard to yard.  If you install landscaping or hardscaping (patios, walkways, or walls) that interfere with flow, you many create a significant problem and will be liable for damage. 


Recommended Maintenance


  • Inspect drains, inlets, and catch basins for blockages.
  • Examine surface swales to ensure that they are draining freely to catch basins and/or inlets with no blockage or ponding.  Maintain a grade of 2%.  Repair conditions that limit surface drainage immediately.
  • Quarterly

  • Trim ground cover and remove debris around drain inlets and swales.
  • Twice per Year

  • Flush inlets, catch basins, and drainage lines to keep them free of debris.
  • Annually

  • Inspect to ensure that the grad slopes away from your home’s foundation to prevent water accumulation.  Reslope the grade as needed.


Lawn care tips and information provided by Compendia.

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