Homeowner Testimonial: Jeremy & Michelle

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“My wife and I recently purchased a home in Chisholm Springs.  It was our first experience buying a home and we wanted to let LGI Homes know how great of a job the employees at Chisholm Springs did making our first-time buying experience a pleasant one.  As first-time home buyers, we had a lot of things to consider, and the employees at LGI Homes were definitely a positive factor in the consideration process.

Our first impression of LGI Homes came from a flyer we received in the mail, so kudos to the individual who had that idea.  The pricing sounded too good to be true, so we came out to have a look.  Our first in-person impression of LGI Homes was with Jef Yarbrough, and if you’ve ever spent more than five minutes with Jef, you’d know that it was an up-bead, positive first impression.  Jef seems like the kind of person that always sees the glass as half-full and has already imagined everything he can possibly do with it.  He was always happy to answer any questions or get our questions to the right people for quick and productive feedback.

The most ongoing feedback was probably with Stacy Conley, as she handled the eccentricities of crossing t’s and dotting i’s with diligence and pleasantry.  We were actually happy to provide any documentation required for the ongoing process, as Stacy did such a wonderful job of keeping us informed and setting expectations for each step along the way.  Even when we had to restart the application process and the papers were handed off to Jennifer with AmeriPro (who also did a fantastic job), Stacy always seemed happy to handle any questions or paperwork that found their way across her desk.

Our last impression was certainly a lasting one: the closing process went smoothly and was well planned and executed.  We were most impressed by the orientation and final walkthrough with Kurt Stawarz; the fact that the building manager personally spoke with us about the final product of the home building process was a nice finishing touch.  Kurt knows his material and he has an eloquent way of sharing his combined knowledge base and personal experiences to justify the reasons for each decision that was made about every aspect in every room of the house.  He did not miss one detail, and even if he had, he made us feel genuinely welcome to contact him if he had missed anything or if we have any further questions or concerns.

Now that we live in our new home and have had time to reflect, it seems that every individual that we met at LGI Homes seemed genuine and to believe in the company they work for and the service that it provides.  We can safely say that we too, believe in LGI Homes, so long as such fine people are running it.  We thank them for their excellent service and we thank LGI Homes for getting the right people in the right places for an overall well-planned and well-executed process.  Well Done!”

– Jeremy & Michelle, LGI Homes Homeowners in Newark, Texas

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