Homeowner Testimonial: Jane

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“I have started this letter more than once. Thank you seems trite. I absolutely love my new home. My guests feel the warmth and attention to detail that I enjoy every day.

 The loan process flew by. I am still amazed at the teamwork with which you work. No matter with whom I spoke, I was always addressed by my name, with eye contact, a sincere smile, and in a respectful tone. I felt like I was the most important person in that office at that time. Thank you for the promptness with which you returned my phone calls and for your support, expertise, and wisdom.

 The walk-through was just as top notch as the loan process. Never have I done a walk-through and found nothing to be done, at least not until this walk-through. No question was too trivial and, again, I felt like I was the most important person at that moment.

 The warranty program and website are wonderfully user-friendly. Although I have used the website only once, the response time left me laughing. I submitted my claim and was on the way to the car when the phone rang. It was LGI Homes wanting to schedule the workmen….that day!

 As a visitor to Creekside Village, I was drawn to the tidiness of each construction site, both inside and out. The quality of workmanship and attention to detail was evident. After moving in, I realized this pride in one’s workplace is a perk for new residents as well. Never did I feel inconvenienced by construction all around me. The streets were easy to navigate and free of debris. The job sites were quiet and the workmen were courteous. Their attention to the job at hand was that of craftsmen.

 My beautiful home accommodates my love for the outdoors and my pets. The flow of the house is delightful. It accommodates many guests and yet it is warm and cozy for one. My first energy bill was a pleasant surprise, and cleaning is a breeze.

 I could go on and on, but finally I must tell you why I made a decision to buy a home. Over the last decade I have been without. Coincidently, my health has been failing. Medication hadn’t done its job. It was my decision that what I needed was a home with a yard that was easy to maintain and affordable. Little did I know I would end up with my dream home.”

– Jane, LGI Homes Homeowner in Spring, Texas

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