Homeowner Spring Checklist from LGI Homes

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Take these steps on the Spring Checklist provided by LGI Homes to keep your new home in tiptop shape and to freshen it up each Spring:



  • Change Furnace Filter (Monthly)
  • Check Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Clean Aerators on Faucets and Shower Heads
  • Inspect Air-Conditioning Unit for Proper Operation
  • Inspect Backsplash Caulking and Re-Caulk as Needed
  • Inspect Shower and Tub Caulking and Re-Caulk as Needed
  • Test GFCI receptacles
  • Inspect Exterior Paint, Stain or Siding, Putty & Caulking
  • Clean Fins on Outside AC Condensing Unit
  • Check Drainage Swales for Proper Rain Water Flow
  • Check for Evidence of Termites
  • Inspect the Roof and Roof Vents
  • Re-Seal Wood Fences
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