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One of the most perplexing aisles in a hardware store for many consumers and home designers store is often the light bulb aisle. For all the work we’ve put into our homes and the attention to detail we give to make our living spaces stand out, lighting can leave us scratching our heads.

Home Interior Light Fixtures

There are many great options for how to use lighting and light fixtures to accentuate your home’s decor.

Although most consumers focus on architectural lighting as opposed to how people will look in a space, its important to remember that as in photography the subject/person is most important. Here are a few must knows about lighting to help you make a decision that is most suitable to your space:

Incandescent bulbs are becoming a thing of the past, so what alternatives are there? Many prefer LEDs, which provide a warm feel and can be dimmable if you get the right type. Halogens are another good option.

Fluorescent bulbs, however, provide unflattering light due to the pulsating effect it causes as it emits light.

We usually think of wattage when it comes to bulbs; kelvin, however, is more important. Kelvin is the color temperature of light. Ranging from 2,700 to 5,000 kelvin, optimal for, say, a table lamp is 2,400 k.

Dimmers are great for virtually every light in a space, be it lamp or overhead light. A dimmer can be placed at the light switch, wall, or even on the cord. A dimmer placed on a lamp cord can be done for as little as $2. Or purchase a dimmer attachment that screws into the bulb mount, which enables you to control light without an electricians visit, this will run you less than $10.

Be sure to account for the purpose of your lighting. Hard lighting accentuates objects arid architecture. Soft lighting, on the other hand, is flattering to people. Therefore, all lamps are preferable for human faces, in general, than track or recessed lighting. Position table lamps at eye level to reduce shadows and textures, it will soften the appearance.

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