Home and Community: The Family’s Pot of Gold

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What’s in your pot of gold? Sure, for the storied leprechauns that haunt the month of March, a pot of gold is usually brimming with piles of golden coins. But a pot of gold can also be so much more—a passion for art, the warm feeling of helping others, or even the happiness we feel on a bright and sunny day. And whether your riches consist of the smiles of your children, your bounty of dependable friends, or the loving support of your family, the true pot of gold is most often not about the money in our pockets, but rather the people who surround us at the end of the day.

Home and Community The Family's Pot of Gold

LGI Homes knows and understands the importance of family, which is why we are thinking of you and yours when we build each and every home.

And while for some the rainbow may end on a tropical beach in Hawaii, for many of us it shines down into the home, the genuine heart of every family. Made of much more than a wooden frame and plaster walls, a home is a center of experience and existence—the place we find the most comfort and peace, the place to which we happily return at the end of each day. Our home is our anchor in the world, and is where family and friends gather for life’s most important or most enjoyable moments. The humble house is not, in short, just a place to live, but the place where we keep our greatest riches: our loved ones and the memories we share together.

This important role of the home in all of our lives is why LGI Homes has focused so intently on the construction of quality family homes. Over the years, we’ve worked to make the security, warmth and happiness of homeownership available to all—and our hardwork has paid off. Thousands of homeowners are now enjoying their lives in beautiful, brand-new homes that offer space, convenience, and optimal locations, allowing them to enjoy the company of family and friends both at home and at nearby premier destinations—all at affordable prices that don’t threaten their ability to gain riches of the more monetary variety!

And we haven’t forgotten the greater context to our personal riches and happiness: the community in which we live. Our efforts don’t end with the last coat of paint on each home, but instead extend to the construction of community amenities that foster a sense of neighborhood, give our residents ample opportunity to lead active, engaged lives with their loved ones and friends. From fishing on a 3-acre community lake with your buddy, to watching the kids run and play on the playground, LGI Homes has taken the time to think through not just where you live, but how, and our thoughtful neighborhoods reflect an emphasis upon time spent together, as a family, as a group of friends, or as an entire community.

So as spring approaches, and a new year begins to lose its first blush, ask yourself: what’s in your pot of gold? And where does it reside? Will 2012 be the same as last, living out your memories in a temporary abode owned by someone else? Or will it be the year that you make the move toward owning your own house, and finally bring your treasures home?

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  1. Angie Vastano Says:

    I absolutely love the philosophy, and passion for quality of LGI, and would love to be a part of this phenomenal company!

    Angie Vastano