Gone Fishing in Houston’s Sunrise Meadow – Safety & Success Tips

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Sunrise Meadow's Private Lake - Houston, TX

Residents in one of our communities—Sunrise Meadow in Southwest Houston—are blessed to have a private fishing lake as one of their stellar neighborhood amenities, and they’re in prime time to enjoy these lakes as spring and summer bloom. In Sunrise Meadow (as in all of our communities) LGI Homes has held true to its mission of creating beautiful, functional family-friendly neighborhoods stocked with opportunities for healthful and recreational enjoyment. And we know that these amenities are even better when a lazy day of fishing with family and friends is just a short walk away from the house.

So residents and prospective buyers, beware: the call of the angler life is a hard one to shy away from. You may be a fishing fanatic before you know it, enjoying the beauty of the outdoors and the fun of family time spent together, all within the bounds of your own neighborhood! Should you decide to give lake fishing a try, here are some tips for safety and success:

 Be sure the whole family is prepared for time in the sun. Use sunscreen, pack plenty of water, and when on shore, keep an eye out for small children coming too close to the water.

 Get the right materials. Nothing is more frustrating (especially to children) than going out fishing, and never getting a bite. Find out ahead of time the types of fish with which the lake is stocked, and choose the right bait, weights/bobbers and line for those fish. If you’re unsure, personnel at a sports store or bait shop should be able to lead you in the right direction.

 Choose the right time of day. Throughout the year, you’ll find that fish are responsive to the changes in the seasons—storms, sun, heat, wind and temperature—so fishermen have to be responsive as well. You’ll find copious amounts of information online that cover the best times to go fishing.

 Go over the safety rules. While a simple and relatively-easy pastime, fishing still requires a presence of mind and adherence to basic safety rules. If fishing from a boat, ensure that everyone in the party wears a life jacket. Go over procedures with children on what to do should an emergency happen on the water. Review casting safety (looking around and behind you when you cast, and letting others know you’re about to throw), and, if you’re fishing from shore, review rules about getting near or into the water.

 Have fun! It’s not everyone that is able to enjoy the relaxation and quality time that fishing engenders, right within their own neighborhood. This is one amenity that can be enjoyed by the whole family, throughout the seasons, for years to come. Sit back with your fishing rod in hand, enjoy the scenic beauty, and thank your lucky stars that you’ve made an LGI Homes community your home!

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