Fun Ways to Add Some Spring to Your Home

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After the dingy, dreary days of winter, it’s time to put some pop and pizazz in your home! What better way to add some flare than to experiment with colors and patterns? Cool citrus tones wake up any home after the hibernation of winter.

Citrusy Sensations

Swap your earth tone pillows for a pair of Rizzy Home 18-inch-by-18-inch green and yellow woven pillows. They are fun and add much-needed brightness to any room. Plus, they come at a low cost; simply swap them with your old ones, if you desire, to ease into brighter, potentially unfamiliar territory.

Home Decorators Collection Loft Orange Patterned

Spring nights can be a bit nippy, so drape a green and ivory Taryn throw over your sofa or favorite chair for easy grabbing in a pinch. While you’re warming up on a chilly night, you will update your room décor with the soft, cool shades of spring.

Pop some small green leaves in an Orange Nugget Bud Vase and drink up the juicy results. For a larger impact and to mix sunny orange with a fun pattern, switch out a pair of side tables for the Home Decorators Collection Loft Orange Patterned Nesting Tables. Complement those with a white lamp to fully maximize the punch potential. This Ripley White Table Lamp is a funky, fashionable choice.

Texture Trends

This spring, some fun textures are hot and trending. Two of the most exciting are fringe and feathers. For a warm, solid rug with funky leather fringes, look no further than the Brown Leather Shag Rug from World Market. This rug is available in different sizes and provides the perfect floor cover for any room. An even funkier, festive option is the Confetti Shag Rug from Sky Iris. This rug is a 4-foot-by-6-foot rainbow of color, ready and waiting to bring light to any dark room in need of some spring punch.

Fiesta Shag Rug[1](1)

Invite a majestic, picturesque peacock to take up residence with the Allstate 22-inch Regal Peacock Open-Tailed Natural Feather Peacock Figurine. This vibrant bird adds not only a pop of blissful blue but the fascinating texture of feathers.

A somewhat bolder, unique option is the Lumisource Feather Audubon Floor Lamp, bringing bold, stark white into your home while keeping with this funky trend. Some designers are suggesting a black-and-white color scheme for spring, and this lamp is a fun way to play with that idea.

If you are hesitant to bring actual feathers into your decorating scheme, bring in a few feathered friends instead. One option is a Feathered Friends Stained Glass panel from Signals Catalog, which allows you to combine the fun and beauty of spring birds into your home without any hassles. Hang this in your window and enjoy the kaleidoscope of colors reflecting in the spring sunshine. Another feathered choice is the Toscano Peacock Feathers Stained Glass Lamp. This Tiffany-style lamp lights up any room with a masterpiece of peacock feather design.

Geometric Patterns with Punch

eometric patterns punch through all decorating barriers, adding interest and depth to any room in your home. Cover a pair of throw pillows you already have with an 18-inch Exotic Geometric Pattern Cotton/Linen Decorative Pillow Cover, available in a wide variety of colors. This is an inexpensive option from Light in the Box and is a perfect way to test the waters of this trend.

Exotic Geometric Pattern Pillow

If you are ready to take the plunge with a bolder statement, consider the Homelegance Lifestyle Armless Lounge Chair with a blue geometric pattern. This chair, or a pair of these chairs, announces to the world that you are not only ready for a classy, elegant spring but ready to try something totally different.

No matter what color palette or design scheme you choose this spring, make sure you have fun giving your home design a new birth. After all, that is what spring is all about!

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