Friends and Family: The Best Things in Life

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Whether we are going through good times or bad, it is often those closest to us—friends, family, co-workers, and caring acquaintances—that prove to be one of the most beneficial and valuable assets in our lives. And when it comes to our homes, nothing is more symbolic of our connection to the people we care about than opening our home to them for celebrations—large or small—of the relationships, experiences, humor, camaraderie and friendliness we share. What better way, then, to make the most of the best in life, than to move into a brand-new home that gives you the space and the facility to host those you love best, as often as you wish?

Friends and Family - The Best Things in Life

LGI Homes' new houses are located at the center of your social connections, as a warm and welcoming place where everyone can gather!

As it is, you may already have room in your apartment, condominium, townhouse or home for visitors, but for many the life of the renter has restricted their ability to play host to their friends, family, acquaintances, and groups to which they may belong. Notoriously short on space, many apartments lack the room for dining room tables, or have older-style floorplans that divvy up the living space into smaller rooms, which are inadequate and outdated when compared the large spaces found in today’s homes. Built for relaxation, socializing and dining, areas like the great room (such as those found in many of LGI Homes’ flexible and functional floorplans) are at the heart of the modern home, and provide just the sort of space that is intimate enough for family evenings, yet capacious enough to allow gatherings of any number, whenever you’re tapped to play host for an afternoon, an evening, or a weekend.

Another aspect of apartment life is the frequent lack of kitchen space, with key shortages of counter space and cabinetry in a tight room that has neither charm nor room for guests and family to linger as you prepare a meal. Compare this to the modern, sleek kitchens found in LGI Homes’ brand-new houses, which include quality appliances, custom cabinetry, and rounded corners—as well as ample space—to make the kitchen a true extension of your living space, instead of a cramped space for drudgery tucked behind a wall and set apart from your living area.

Finally, there are the bedrooms. While many apartments built in the latter part of the last century have a semblence of a master suite, many still force their residents to suffice with small rooms, small bathrooms, and even smaller closets. Modern homeowners demand better, and LGI Homes has responded with master suites that include things like separate showers and soaker tubs, expansive walk-in closets, and large master bedrooms, often with their own access to outdoor spaces. The privacy, comfort and ease you feel in a modern master bedroom also enhances the experience for other guests and residents in the home, who will enjoy their own spacious rooms. Guests are always welcome, and residents always enjoy their own sense of space. What could make a weekend get-together or the arrival of out of town guests any better?

As you can see, making the move to a home can make a huge difference when it comes to your closest and most dear relationships, by giving you the generosity of space and benefit of functionality that comes with a modern, spacious and thoughtful floorplan. Once you move into an LGI Homes house, gone are the days of squeezing guests into tiny dining rooms or setting them upon fold-out couches for the night. With the luxurious yet affordable benefits of an LGI Homes house, you’ll soon find that your beautiful new home sits at the center of your social connections, as a warm and welcoming place where everyone can gather!

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