Financial Fitness in 2012, It’s Time to Get Your Finances in Order

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One of the most frequently planned new year’s resolutions involves becoming more financially fit. Whether it’s paying off debt, increasing the size of a savings account, or saving up money to buy a home, the beginning of the new year is often the signal for many people to get serious about their money. And why not? The desire for financial security and the ability to enjoy the better things in life is basic to most people, so finding a zone of comfort and active understanding of money in 2012 is definitely a great goal to have.

Financial Fitness in 2012

Getting fit is often a new year's resolution, but this year getting financially fit is topping all resolutions.

When it comes to money, a large part of financial planning involves where you live currently, and where you hope to live (or own a home) in the future. For younger couples and young families, the dream of owning a home is strong, as is their desire to put down roots in a community where they (and their current or future children) can feel safe, happy and secure. Yet the barriers to homeownership—wobbly credit, lack of a large downpayment, or inability to find an affordable home that meets all of their needs—can be frustrating at best, disheartening at worst. And being forced to rent can often derail the best laid plans for financial freedom.

Enter into the financial discussion the kind of high-quality, affordable homes offered by builders like LGI Homes, and suddenly there is hope! Whatever the financial or practical issues that have bogged you down in the past, LGI Homes is here to say that the dream of owning a home and the path to financial fitness aren’t mutually exclusive—in fact, buying one of the beautiful brand-new homes in one of our many communities throughout Texas and Arizona can be one of the most effective and important money decisions you can make!

If you’re wondering how buying a new home can possibly be a part of your own financial future, consider this:

1. Owning a home offers sizeable and considerable financial benefits, such as tax deductions.

2. LGI Homes houses are available for monthly payments that are often lower than many pay in rent.

3. LGI Homes offers a generous No Money Down program for those who have had difficulty amassing a large downpayment.

4. LGI Homes also offers a credit counseling program that makes the dream of homeownership a reality, even for those with blemishes on their credit reports.

5. Owning a home is still one of the best investments you can make in your long term financial health, thanks to the opportunities for profit you can see from today’s rock bottom home prices.

If discovering the secret to financial fitness is on your agenda in 2012, and you’re tired of throwing away money on rent each month, you owe it to yourself to stop by one of LGI Homes’ new homes communities, and speak with a New Homes Consultant. You may be surprised when you find out how easy it can be to move into a brand-new home of your very own, and build a more secure and financially-savvy future for yourself and your family.

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