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Fall is in the air, and chances are, you may have already seen the first signs of the season appearing around your neighborhood. The leaves are changing, the weather is starting to cool down, and pretty soon, the sounds of Trick-or-Treaters will be filling your street and the smells of Thanksgiving will be filling your kitchen. At LGI Homes, we strive to build superior quality homes that will endure over the years, but keeping up with routine home maintenance will ensure your home stays in top shape for decades to come. Here are our top home maintenance tips for Fall.

Fallen Leaves During Fall Season

Fall is a great time of year to start preparing your home for the harshness of winter.

Give Your Systems a Tune Up – Fall is the perfect time to give all of your home heating and cooling systems a quick tune up. Change out your air filters, make sure your heater is in working order and check your hot water heater for potential rust damage. Routine upkeep will maximize the lifespan of your systems – and help you avoid costly breakdowns and repairs.

Check Out Your Roof and Gutters – Depending on where you live, your roof could take a beating through the fall and winter due to rain or snow. Before the season has a chance to hit in full swing, give your roof a thourough once-over to ensure that all of your shingles are in top shape – and replace any shingles that are cracked, chipped or otherwise damaged. Clear out your gutter and try to keep them cleared so they don’t get blocked – preventing water from effectively running off your roof.

Turn Off Exterior Water – After you’ve watered your lawn for the final time, roll up your hoses and turn off your external water faucets. Shutting off the exterior water will ensure your pipes don’t get frozen once the weather cools down, and will make sure you’re protected if early freezes hit during the autumn.

Turn Your Leaves into Mulch – If you’re passionate about keeping your lawn looking lush during the warmer months of the year, mulch your leaves instead of raking, bagging and throwing them away. Simply run over the fallen leaves with your mower to chop them into smaller pieces. These pieces will settle into your lawn and nourish it throughout the fall and winter, providing you with a lawn worthy of showing off to the neighborhood when spring rolls around.

Clean and Store Seasonal Items – Give your lawnmower and other lawncare appliaces a thorough cleaning before storing them in a dry place for the fall and winter. Clean off your seasonal furniture and decorations and store them as well. This way, they’ll look as good as new when it’s time to put them out again next year.

We strive to help our residents stay on top of seasonal home maintenance, and have created helpful checklists for each season of the year. Check out our lists for more home maintenance tips, and be sure to print them out for your own reference each time the seasons change and you’re ready to give your home a little TLC.

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