Exterior Lighting Maintenance

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Exterior Lighting - LGI Homes

The area lights around your new LGI home are for safety and aesthetics.  They may be controlled by photo cells mounted on the side of your house or on the light unit itself.  Your lighting may also be controlled by wall switches located in your home.

It is important to always use the correct bulbs.  Do not exceed the bulb wattage recommended for the fixture.  Use exterior light bulbs for exterior fixtures and wet location light bulbs appropriately.

Recommended Maintenance


  • Look for and replace burned out bulbs.


  • Clean the encasement so light can shine at full illumination.
  • Ensure that mounting screws and plates are tight and wall plate is fully against the exterior wall or soffit.  Inspect sealant at joints between light fixtures and walls.  Repair or replace the sealant as needed.

Effects of deferred maintenance such as water and lack of cleaning will diminish the attractiveness and function of exterior light fixtures.


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