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Even if your home is not in an area experiencing a heavy dose of white, fluffy snow so close to Christmas, there are still many creative options for decorating for the season; in a style fitting to you and your home. Home owners in Arizona and Texas may want to decorate with a bit of a southwestern flare, decking your halls with howling wolves and red hot chili peppers.

Assorted Christmas decors

Christmas is finally here. For your new homes, you can use different Christmas decors to accentuate your homes.

Bright shades of red and green are the perfect way to light up the desert just in time for the holiday season. Wrap your home with beautiful, rich velvety ribbons and bows, bringing joy and seasonal pizazz to your delightful desert residence. Some home owners may wish to add precious natural details, particularly in rich geologically interesting areas, such as those surrounding Phoenix, Tucson, or San Antonio. The naturally occurring browns and reds blend well with seasonal colors, making your home even more of a masterpiece to enjoy with family and friends.

If you happen to own some beautiful Navajo or other southwestern-style pottery painted red or green, even though they may not be actual “Christmas decorations,” they provide the homey, warmness of the southwest and make the perfect way to serve holiday treats to your guests. Native American rugs can also provide another way to maximize your usage of already owned wares and offer a nice alternative to the same old store bought tree skirts you always use.

For those residing in the Atlanta area, perhaps your decorating style is more “down home” or traditional. White lights are the perfect way to add a touch of yesterday and elegance to your bright new home. They go well with most decorations and make everything look clean and nostalgic. Pair with them some large tree branches, evergreen trim, and wreaths of twigs and holly berries for inviting country Christmas décor. Burlap and plain ribbons in reds and greens are great additions to make a new home feel warm and old fashioned.

Should Christmas find you in your new Florida home, your decorating sense may sway toward a more tropical side. In this case, add starfish, coral, and sea shells to your list of ideas for an airy, refreshing Christmas on the beach. Many people love the lighted palm tree sculptures often found on bar patios and these make the perfect addition to possible decorations for your front or back yard.

To carry the beach inside, fill clear glass bowls and even ornaments with sand and sea shells, then add starfish to your Christmas tree. Drape white lights around to show off the natural beach-like feel or go all out for the rainbow-colored party lights and crank up the carols with your family and friends.

No matter where your new home is, you deserve to enjoy it in sensational, seasonal style. Hopefully, these suggestions will boost your creativity and have your home in winter wonderland mode in no time at all!

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