Creative Decorating for Children’s Rooms

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LGI makes home ownership so affordable, your children will soon have their own bedrooms, and you’ll be able to decorate them! Before you begin, consider this checklist:

Children's Room Decor

1. Themes. Is your child a baseball player? Does he or she have a favorite television character or favorite bedtime story? You can create a room that will thrill your child each time he or she opens the door. Search your local art supply stores, wallpaper or fabric suppliers. Often, you will find ready made theme related articles to put on the wall, or you can make your own.

2. Beds. Beds come in all kinds of shapes (even dump trucks or Cinderella’s carriage) for children’s rooms. Very simple headboard shapes can be easily painted and help to carry out a theme. Consider a trundle, bunk bed or sleeper chair to accommodate friends. Some beds have built in storage drawers. Remember the college dorm? You can create a loft bed with space underneath for play or for a desk.

3. Fabric. Specially designed bedcovers can help carry out the theme of the room. Even solid bedcovers with special themed pillows will do. Fabric is easily sewn for comforter duvets. Some people use fabric on part of the walls in lieu of wallpaper. Fabric is quick and easy to put up and remove. All bedclothes and curtains must be easy care washable for children’s rooms. Feel free to be innovative with the fabrics you choose. Sometimes it’s fun to make your own items. Fabric is easily sewn for comforter duvets. Café curtains are simple, and they permit plenty of light all day long. You can make cute café curtains from dishtowels. No sewing required. Just attach clip on curtain rings. If you’re moving far from the former neighborhood, have a little going away party and let your child’s friends write their farewells and good wishes on an inexpensive comforter or even a sheet with fabric markers.

4. Multipurpose/Storage. A large chalkboard (or even chalkboard paint) will last a long time. Corkboards are great, too. Hang corkboards next to desks. Children can use them to post photos, special assignments, or keepsakes from special occasions. This type of adaptable item does not need to be changed as the child grows, and it helps the child stay organized. Speaking of organization, don’t forget “a place for everything and everything in its place.” Closet storage is easy to find, but feel free to be creative with storage containers. They can add a touch of whimsy or humor to a room. Bookcases are commonly used for storage. Don’t forget wall hooks. Baskets keep small items from scattering and look great in bookcases, too. Fabric covered boxes can be used for both storage and seating. Multipurpose items make the most of space.

5. Lighting. You need both task and overhead lighting. Select shades to contribute to your overall theme. The whole look of a room can be impacted with light fixtures from Chinese lanterns to sleek, modern fixtures. Lighting need not be expensive. Discount stores often have very unusual lamps. It’s possible to attach a string of Christmas lights to a wall. They add a little magic at night. You can include inexpensive glow in the dark stars.

6. Color. Make the room bright and happy, but don’t use too many colors. The most effective color scheme is created with two contrasting colors (such as orange and blue) and one neutral color (like white) or a light shade of one of the contrasting hues. The Internet has free color scheme designer programs. Contrasting colors are found on the opposite side of the color wheel.

7. Have a seat. If you have a young child, this is the best view. You want to get a sense how the room looks from your child’s height. Also, having a seat in the room is a good way for Mom and Dad to have a natural space to hang out and listen to their child, one of the most important things parents can do.

8. Decorating is a creative opportunity. Consider decorating your child’s room a chance for him or her to be creative, too. With your guidance and support, your child can help create an individualized space where he feels “at home” right away.

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