Choosing a New Community: Four Things to Consider

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If you’re in the market for a new home, you may well have considered moving out of your current community. Whether your move will take you 10 miles away or 1,000, uprooting yourself from familiar surroundings can be hard, and the choice of where to settle next can be overwhelming. LGI Homes knows this because we’ve served thousands of one-time home buyers who were looking for just the right place to start a new life of homeownership. Over the years, we’ve realized that all great communities have a few things in common, and all communities on your list of potentials should be evaluated against these four key aspects.

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Housing. If buying a new home is your primary motivation for moving, the quality of the home construction in your target community is going to be of utmost importance. Take time to survey the choices of homes available there—are they mostly used or existing homes? Have they aged well? Been well taken care-of? Will you have the option in this community to consider brand-new homes that include benefits like designer upgrades and the energy efficiency that comes with modern construction techniques? Or will you be tied into existing homes that may require thousands of dollars of repair and renovations?

Amenities. How well is your new community suited to your own lifestyle? Younger families should review the number and quality of parks in any new community, knowing full-well how imperative it can be to have a good park with a quality play-structure within walking distance of your house. Active individuals should consider whether there are maintained sidewalks or pathways where they can walk, ride bikes or run. Many older have few or no amenities that can be enjoyed at the community level, leaving residents car-bound whenever they want to enjoy the outdoors.

Location. It’s the triple mantra of real estate: location, location, location. When surveying your new community, think to yourself about what makes it seem appropriate for you and your family. Are you an open-space kind of person who cringes at the crowded city? Are you keen on staying close to quality shopping, dining and entertainment venues? Is proximity to the highway important to you, so that you have direct access to vital transportation corridors? Taking the time to distill what matters most to you about a community’s location, will help you build out the profile of the place you’d most prefer to live.

Commute. Finally, there’s the commute. Whether its to work, to school or to soccer practice, the distance and time you will have to spend driving is important in choosing your next place to live. As we mentioned above, even something as simple as how long it takes to get onto the highway can make or break a particular community. Remember, too, that it’s not just about commuting to work. Family, friends and fun are huge parts of our lives as well, so making sure that you’re a reasonable drive away from the places—and people—you’re most likely to visit is not just a wise but a necessary consideration.

Yes, choosing a new community requires much thought, much consideration, and a little bit of luck in finding the perfect blend of the things you want most. Of course, we believe that we’ve made choosing a new hometown a bit easier through our affordable and amenity-rich communities throughout Texas—but don’t take our word for it! Why not visit one of LGI Homes’ communities, the builder offers homes for sale in Texas and Arizona, the next time you’re out and about, and see for yourself whether our years of experience have allowed us to build just the sort of place in which you and your family would love to live.

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