What Your Decorating Choices Say About You

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Design Choices

Many people do not realize that the furniture and accessories they choose for their homes tell more about the person they are than almost anything else. From observing these choices, outsiders can learn if a person is somewhat eclectic and creative or if he or she prefers simple, minimally decorated environments, as well as a generally drama-free lifestyle. Some people choose glamorous, high-end pieces to give the impression they are successful and worthy of the admiration of friends and family, while others prefer clean, sophisticated décor to create a truly comfortable retreat.

Craving Intimacy

People with highly stressful jobs often crave an intimate space at home where they are able to relax and regroup before putting their nose to the grindstone again. Oftentimes, and usually subconsciously, these people will select yellows and oranges for their living spaces. These colors not only welcome them home but can also quickly make them feel more cheerful, all the while nurturing their emotional wellbeing. Even though experts say these colors make rooms feel less spacious, they only add to a fuller feeling of intimacy.

Another form of solace in the midst of a busy, chaotic world comes through soft pastel hues from pale greens and blues to lavenders and medium blues. These colors reflect tranquility and make any room a restful haven from the pressures of daily life. Because these colors are truly easier for the eyes to bear, they can be instantly calming. Psychologists and other experts believe people who prefer soft blue hues tend to be introverted and prefer spending time alone rather than hanging out in a crowd.

Stimulation Central

Creative extroverts who tend to thrive in highly stimulating environments are often attracted to jewel tones such as amethyst, topaz, ruby, emerald, or sapphire. These sharp, brilliant colors are known to spark interest and inspiration, particularly for the outgoing, artsy types such as artists or writers. Some people choose these colors only for coordinating accessories, and even limited amounts of these pleasurable pops of color still present an element of inspiration.

Neutral and Neat

People who are described as practical or responsible are often those whose homes are based in neutral grays, tans, and beiges. These people prefer not only an even-keeled lifestyle but a smart, sensible home environment. They will often select specific brightly-colored objects as accessories rather than splashing their walls with unexpected color.

The psychological relationship between colors and the brain is so crucial that advertisers and marketers routinely select colors that elicit desired responses from potential customers. For example, a marketer may choose blues to dominate a commercial designed to make the customer feel their company is the smartest, most trustworthy choice. This is why many insurance and health care companies often choose blue hues for the backdrops of their commercials.

Remember, the next time you head to the store for a gallon or two of paint or to purchase a new sofa, keep in mind that the colors you select will likely tell the world more about you than you thought you were revealing.

Unique & Fun Home Purchases to Get You Thinking Spring and Summer

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The early months of 2014 have brought some unusual weather for the southern portion of the United States, and Mother Nature doesn’t seem to be finished quite yet. If the weather is not desirable at the moment, why not shop for some leisurely and luxurious items for when the weather perks up? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Fishing for Fun

One of the most serene, low-maintenance home trends is the backyard fish pond. One choice is the Koolscapes 270-gallon pond kit. This pond is inexpensive and fish-friendly, not to mention a perfect way to add a unique touch to your backyard. Many people also choose to add a waterfall to enhance interest in their addition. The sound of trickling water can prove relaxing while lounging in the Adirondack chair on a weekend afternoon.

Hot Tub, Anyone?

hot tub

Everyone loves hot tubs, and the nice thing about them is that they can bring relaxation and enjoyment year-round. One exceptional choice is AquaRest’s four-person, 11-jet spa with heater. If the unusual weather of this unexpected winter has brought some annoying aches and pains, this hot tub provides the perfect prescription of hydrotherapy and relaxation. Why not go all out and build a pavilion so you can enjoy the warmth and solace in any weather?

If you need a warm-up after drying off from the hot tub, the Heatwave Santa Fe Infrared Three-Person Carbon Sauna is a great choice. This sauna is designed to fit conveniently in a corner area and provides the rejuvenation and healing of dry heat.

Fun for the Whole Family

If the kids have felt cooped up this winter, sports always bring the family together while allowing everyone to work out the stress of the season. One choice is the all-American game of baseball by way of an at-home batting cage. A perfect choice is the Xtender Batting Cage, available in a variety of sizes. Take turns hitting balls with the family without anyone breaking a window.

If soccer or field hockey fits your family’s style better, try out a pair of Franklin Sports Competition Soccer Goals for a game right in your backyard. Run up and down the field with the kids, not only trying to make the next goal but enjoying time well-spent with your favorite people. Other parents prefer to simply watch their children play while they sip a cool drink from the patio. For small children, a fun-filled purchase is the Banzai Ships Ahoy Ship Pool. This pool offers your children hours of endless play aboard their very own pirate ship.

Backyard Grub and Pub


The party is on when you set up your own backyard bar and grill this spring or summer. Grill up your favorite steaks, chicken, or ribs on a Char-Broil Red Three-Burner Gas Infrared Grill if you prefer gas grilling or the Chargriller 1224 Smokin’ Pro Charcoal Grill and Smoker if you prefer charcoal. For those who prefer pizza over a meat entrée, there’s the Rustic Natural Cedar Furniture Plain-Front Wood-Fired Oven, which boasts the ability to bake up your favorite pizza in two minutes right in your own backyard! Then serve up your grub and favorite drinks on the Atlantic Monza Five-Piece Rectangle High Patio Dining Set.

Hopefully, this list has helped inspire an even longer wish list for your home and backyard this spring and summer. Whatever purchase choices you make, be sure to settle on ones that will not only create fun and add interest to your home but also enhance the time you spend.

Fun Ways to Add Some Spring to Your Home

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After the dingy, dreary days of winter, it’s time to put some pop and pizazz in your home! What better way to add some flare than to experiment with colors and patterns? Cool citrus tones wake up any home after the hibernation of winter.

Citrusy Sensations

Swap your earth tone pillows for a pair of Rizzy Home 18-inch-by-18-inch green and yellow woven pillows. They are fun and add much-needed brightness to any room. Plus, they come at a low cost; simply swap them with your old ones, if you desire, to ease into brighter, potentially unfamiliar territory.

Home Decorators Collection Loft Orange Patterned

Spring nights can be a bit nippy, so drape a green and ivory Taryn throw over your sofa or favorite chair for easy grabbing in a pinch. While you’re warming up on a chilly night, you will update your room décor with the soft, cool shades of spring.

Pop some small green leaves in an Orange Nugget Bud Vase and drink up the juicy results. For a larger impact and to mix sunny orange with a fun pattern, switch out a pair of side tables for the Home Decorators Collection Loft Orange Patterned Nesting Tables. Complement those with a white lamp to fully maximize the punch potential. This Ripley White Table Lamp is a funky, fashionable choice.

Texture Trends

This spring, some fun textures are hot and trending. Two of the most exciting are fringe and feathers. For a warm, solid rug with funky leather fringes, look no further than the Brown Leather Shag Rug from World Market. This rug is available in different sizes and provides the perfect floor cover for any room. An even funkier, festive option is the Confetti Shag Rug from Sky Iris. This rug is a 4-foot-by-6-foot rainbow of color, ready and waiting to bring light to any dark room in need of some spring punch.

Fiesta Shag Rug[1](1)

Invite a majestic, picturesque peacock to take up residence with the Allstate 22-inch Regal Peacock Open-Tailed Natural Feather Peacock Figurine. This vibrant bird adds not only a pop of blissful blue but the fascinating texture of feathers.

A somewhat bolder, unique option is the Lumisource Feather Audubon Floor Lamp, bringing bold, stark white into your home while keeping with this funky trend. Some designers are suggesting a black-and-white color scheme for spring, and this lamp is a fun way to play with that idea.

If you are hesitant to bring actual feathers into your decorating scheme, bring in a few feathered friends instead. One option is a Feathered Friends Stained Glass panel from Signals Catalog, which allows you to combine the fun and beauty of spring birds into your home without any hassles. Hang this in your window and enjoy the kaleidoscope of colors reflecting in the spring sunshine. Another feathered choice is the Toscano Peacock Feathers Stained Glass Lamp. This Tiffany-style lamp lights up any room with a masterpiece of peacock feather design.

Geometric Patterns with Punch

eometric patterns punch through all decorating barriers, adding interest and depth to any room in your home. Cover a pair of throw pillows you already have with an 18-inch Exotic Geometric Pattern Cotton/Linen Decorative Pillow Cover, available in a wide variety of colors. This is an inexpensive option from Light in the Box and is a perfect way to test the waters of this trend.

Exotic Geometric Pattern Pillow

If you are ready to take the plunge with a bolder statement, consider the Homelegance Lifestyle Armless Lounge Chair with a blue geometric pattern. This chair, or a pair of these chairs, announces to the world that you are not only ready for a classy, elegant spring but ready to try something totally different.

No matter what color palette or design scheme you choose this spring, make sure you have fun giving your home design a new birth. After all, that is what spring is all about!

Best Tips for Preparing & Organizing Your Home for 2014

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The worst way to begin the New Year is with a messy home, particularly when you have recently moved into a luxurious LGI home. For those who are struggling to regain or maintain order, especially with the addition of the most recent installment of Christmas gifts, here are some tips to help you prepare your home for 2014.

The Kitchen

Modern Kitchen Design

Getting organized in the kitchen starts by throwing away expired products and giving away unused culinary equipment.

With all of the leftovers crammed inside the fridge, now is a great time to begin to organize the kitchen and refrigerator shelves. As these items are eaten or expire, toss a few extra items out, which you are either no longer eating or drinking and are past their expiration date. As the space becomes cleared out, consider purchasing either some bins specifically designed for refrigerator organization or to save money, perhaps some small inexpensive bins, such as shoe storage boxes from the local dollar store.

Along the same path as the fridge, begin weeding through the cabinets and cupboards, tossing out anything opened more than a few weeks, as well as anything out of date. If you do not already have them, consider purchasing some additional dollar store bins for organizing snacks, small canned goods, chips, and other pantry items. Large items and those used infrequently can be placed in containers near the bottom or top of your pantry areas.

The Bathroom

Organizational Bathroom Basket

When organizing the bathroom, never underestimate the utility of decorative baskets for storing lotions, shampoos, and soaps!

It is easy to become overwhelmed with beauty and bath products, especially after the holidays when many people are organizing recent perfume, soap, or lotion gifts. Everything from glass jars to wicker baskets are excellent organizational options for the bathroom. Stuff cotton swaps, toilet tissue, soaps, and other items into decorative containers to display, or if you choose, place into containers to store under the sink, in the medicine cabinet, or in a linen closet.


Well Organized Kid's Bedroom

When it comes to organizing your bedrooms, especially children’s rooms, the first step is to find a place for clutter items.

Perhaps your bedroom or your children’s bedrooms are in total disarray, littered with loads of Christmas gifts no one knows where to store. If you, your spouse, or child received baseball caps to add to a collection, pick up an inexpensive package of shower hooks and a wooden coat hanger to put all of those hats out of sight. If you would rather display them all, purchase an inexpensive shelf and line them up for everyone to see.

For random clutter, cover some of the strongest of your leftover gift boxes with some decorative wrapping paper or fabric and store in closets or under beds.

In order to get your home organized quickly, make a New Year’s resolution to chip away at your clutter a little bit each day of January. This way, you and your family can enjoy the rest of the year in a clutter-free, mostly stress-free zone.

Decorating Your New Home, Inside and Out

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Even if your home is not in an area experiencing a heavy dose of white, fluffy snow so close to Christmas, there are still many creative options for decorating for the season; in a style fitting to you and your home. Home owners in Arizona and Texas may want to decorate with a bit of a southwestern flare, decking your halls with howling wolves and red hot chili peppers.

Assorted Christmas decors

Christmas is finally here. For your new homes, you can use different Christmas decors to accentuate your homes.

Bright shades of red and green are the perfect way to light up the desert just in time for the holiday season. Wrap your home with beautiful, rich velvety ribbons and bows, bringing joy and seasonal pizazz to your delightful desert residence. Some home owners may wish to add precious natural details, particularly in rich geologically interesting areas, such as those surrounding Phoenix, Tucson, or San Antonio. The naturally occurring browns and reds blend well with seasonal colors, making your home even more of a masterpiece to enjoy with family and friends.

If you happen to own some beautiful Navajo or other southwestern-style pottery painted red or green, even though they may not be actual “Christmas decorations,” they provide the homey, warmness of the southwest and make the perfect way to serve holiday treats to your guests. Native American rugs can also provide another way to maximize your usage of already owned wares and offer a nice alternative to the same old store bought tree skirts you always use.

For those residing in the Atlanta area, perhaps your decorating style is more “down home” or traditional. White lights are the perfect way to add a touch of yesterday and elegance to your bright new home. They go well with most decorations and make everything look clean and nostalgic. Pair with them some large tree branches, evergreen trim, and wreaths of twigs and holly berries for inviting country Christmas décor. Burlap and plain ribbons in reds and greens are great additions to make a new home feel warm and old fashioned.

Should Christmas find you in your new Florida home, your decorating sense may sway toward a more tropical side. In this case, add starfish, coral, and sea shells to your list of ideas for an airy, refreshing Christmas on the beach. Many people love the lighted palm tree sculptures often found on bar patios and these make the perfect addition to possible decorations for your front or back yard.

To carry the beach inside, fill clear glass bowls and even ornaments with sand and sea shells, then add starfish to your Christmas tree. Drape white lights around to show off the natural beach-like feel or go all out for the rainbow-colored party lights and crank up the carols with your family and friends.

No matter where your new home is, you deserve to enjoy it in sensational, seasonal style. Hopefully, these suggestions will boost your creativity and have your home in winter wonderland mode in no time at all!

Creative Decorating for Children’s Rooms

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LGI makes home ownership so affordable, your children will soon have their own bedrooms, and you’ll be able to decorate them! Before you begin, consider this checklist:

Children's Room Decor

1. Themes. Is your child a baseball player? Does he or she have a favorite television character or favorite bedtime story? You can create a room that will thrill your child each time he or she opens the door. Search your local art supply stores, wallpaper or fabric suppliers. Often, you will find ready made theme related articles to put on the wall, or you can make your own.

2. Beds. Beds come in all kinds of shapes (even dump trucks or Cinderella’s carriage) for children’s rooms. Very simple headboard shapes can be easily painted and help to carry out a theme. Consider a trundle, bunk bed or sleeper chair to accommodate friends. Some beds have built in storage drawers. Remember the college dorm? You can create a loft bed with space underneath for play or for a desk.

3. Fabric. Specially designed bedcovers can help carry out the theme of the room. Even solid bedcovers with special themed pillows will do. Fabric is easily sewn for comforter duvets. Some people use fabric on part of the walls in lieu of wallpaper. Fabric is quick and easy to put up and remove. All bedclothes and curtains must be easy care washable for children’s rooms. Feel free to be innovative with the fabrics you choose. Sometimes it’s fun to make your own items. Fabric is easily sewn for comforter duvets. Café curtains are simple, and they permit plenty of light all day long. You can make cute café curtains from dishtowels. No sewing required. Just attach clip on curtain rings. If you’re moving far from the former neighborhood, have a little going away party and let your child’s friends write their farewells and good wishes on an inexpensive comforter or even a sheet with fabric markers.

4. Multipurpose/Storage. A large chalkboard (or even chalkboard paint) will last a long time. Corkboards are great, too. Hang corkboards next to desks. Children can use them to post photos, special assignments, or keepsakes from special occasions. This type of adaptable item does not need to be changed as the child grows, and it helps the child stay organized. Speaking of organization, don’t forget “a place for everything and everything in its place.” Closet storage is easy to find, but feel free to be creative with storage containers. They can add a touch of whimsy or humor to a room. Bookcases are commonly used for storage. Don’t forget wall hooks. Baskets keep small items from scattering and look great in bookcases, too. Fabric covered boxes can be used for both storage and seating. Multipurpose items make the most of space.

5. Lighting. You need both task and overhead lighting. Select shades to contribute to your overall theme. The whole look of a room can be impacted with light fixtures from Chinese lanterns to sleek, modern fixtures. Lighting need not be expensive. Discount stores often have very unusual lamps. It’s possible to attach a string of Christmas lights to a wall. They add a little magic at night. You can include inexpensive glow in the dark stars.

6. Color. Make the room bright and happy, but don’t use too many colors. The most effective color scheme is created with two contrasting colors (such as orange and blue) and one neutral color (like white) or a light shade of one of the contrasting hues. The Internet has free color scheme designer programs. Contrasting colors are found on the opposite side of the color wheel.

7. Have a seat. If you have a young child, this is the best view. You want to get a sense how the room looks from your child’s height. Also, having a seat in the room is a good way for Mom and Dad to have a natural space to hang out and listen to their child, one of the most important things parents can do.

8. Decorating is a creative opportunity. Consider decorating your child’s room a chance for him or her to be creative, too. With your guidance and support, your child can help create an individualized space where he feels “at home” right away.