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Whether you’ve recently moved into the home of your dreams or you’re long settled in but looking to give your space a makeover, the Internet is a priceless resource when it comes to home decorating ideas. With these online resources, you’ll find countless tips, tricks and looks to get your creative juices flowing and inspire you to revamp any room in your home.

Pinterest Home Decor

Pinterest is one of the best online resources for finding pictures of different types and styles of home decor.

Best described as a virtual bulletin board, Pinterest is a fast growing site that allows users to search for ideas from around the internet and “pin” them into easily organizable folders. You can easily search through Pinterest to find ideas pinned by other users. Pinterest is particularly well known for home decorating ideas pinned by users, and is probably one of the best online resources you will find. It’s great for discovering hot trends and color schemes, as well as do-it-yourself décor projects and vintage inspiration. Not only will you find excellent permanent decorating ideas on Pinterest, you will also find unique party and event decorations to spruce up your home for birthday parties, holidays and neighborhood get-togethers.

Real Simple

Real Simple is an online lifestyle magazine that has tons of useful home décor articles – and new ones are added daily. Whether you’re looking for the perfect color for your dining room accent wall or inexpensive ways to organize your laundry room, you’ll find dozens of ideas to jump start your imagination and inspire you to give your home a makeover. Real Simple is also great for finding links to online décor shops, where you can often purchase unique decorative items for cheaper than you can usually find in stores.

Decor Blogs

There are literally thousands of home décor blogs floating around the Internet, all run by everyday Joes and Janes just like you. Blogs offer a unique experience over online magazines and websites, because they include a more personal element and frequently feature peaks into peoples’ lives. Blogs can be excellent for finding ideas, because you can find a writer who shares similar taste in décor to you rather easily. Some well-known décor blogs include The Inspired Room, House of Smiths, Young House Love, and The Lettered Cottage.

Houzz is an up-and-coming website that allows you to build a virtual idea book for every room in your house. You can browse other peoples’ idea books by room, read helpful articles relevant to home decorating and remodeling, find professionals and connect with other décor enthusiasts through the site’s message boards.

Better Homes and Gardens

Just like their traditional magazine, Better Homes and Gardens’ website is stocked full of fabulous and fun ideas that will transform your home. Typically, the articles and ideas on the website are completely different from the ones featured in the magazine, and unlike the magazine – which is issued monthly – the Better Homes and Gardens website is updated daily. In addition to decorating ideas, you’ll also find excellent recipes, entertaining tips and other lifestyle advice.

Martha Stewart

It’s quite possible that Martha Stewart is the best known home decorator in the history of home decorating, and her empire has expanded to the Internet with her Martha Stewart website. Much like the Better Homes and Gardens site, you’ll find thousands of decorating ideas for any occasion, as well as other helpful lifestyle articles.

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