Best 5 Ways to Finding New Home Communities

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Often the hardest part of buying a home is finding the right home, in the right place, at the right price. With so many ways to search out information about which homes are on the market and what new homes communities are opening and selling near you, many homebuyers can easily become overwhelmed by information overload. Instead of getting confused, why not choose a method of finding a new home that suits your time, personality and needs?

Finding New Home Communities

Finding the right home, in the right place, at the right price may be easier than you think.

1. Real Estate Agents. For those who prefer to work with people, real estate agents are a perfect choice. These agents know their territory, and are well-versed in the different neighborhoods, areas and new home communities that they serve. Working with a real estate agent can allow you to specify the details of the sort of home and neighborhood you are looking for, then sit back as the agent creates a list of homes to visit that meet your criteria. No stress, and no confusion!

2. MLS Services. Akin to working with a real estate agent, those comfortable with the internet will likely gravitate toward online MLS listing services such as Trulia or Redfin, which allow homebuyers to search out new home communities in their target area. You can filter home listings by price, square footage and even lot size, then winnow your results to show only “new homes” or “new construction.” Check the “search options” panels on these sites for the various ways in which you can refine your home search, and keep the results tailored to your needs and tastes. These sites are optimal for homebuyers who want to be sure that they have explored all of their available options before committing to a purchase.

3. Online New Home Directories. There are also a number of websites devoted entirely to new home communities and new home construction, such as and These directories offer searchable directories of homes at the local and national levels, and include biographies of homebuilders building in your area—perfect for the homebuyer who likes to be fully informed.

4. The Newspaper. For those who like to get their news and information the “old fashioned” way, most newspapers carry a weekly home section or homes insert. These homes sections are great sources of information about new and planned communities, community amenities, and how many homes are left in certain new developments. Turn to these sections for additional information about pricing and the addresses of sales offices and model homes.

5. Drive Around. Finally, there’s the most traditional way of finding out about new homes communities in your area: take a leisurely drive! While more time consuming than many of the other methods, there’s nothing like seeing a new home community (and its surrounding areas) first-hand. Finding the communities is easy; many new homes builders erect signage throughout adjacent areas and along major traffic arteries that provide directions and location information for their communities. You may never have known that a new community was opening up just down the road, but once there, you’ll have an excellent opportunity to discover a brand new home that’s perfect for you.

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