Advantages of a Home Warranty

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Home Warranty in Buyer's Hands

There are multiple benefits to having a homeowner’s warranty, including protecting yourself from an unforeseeable circumstance.

When you make the decision to purchase a home from LGI Homes, it is important to know that we have three different warranties available to you; a 10-year structural warranty, a 2-year mechanical warranty and a 1-year warranty that covers most other components. These warranties have been designed to ensure that you are completely satisfied not only with your purchase but with your overall living experience within one of our communities. We offer these warranties to make sure that any problems you have covered by the warranty are attended to quickly. In order to better understand just how important a home warranty is, it is important to know the various advantages a warranty can provide.

Information About Property and Homeowner Deeds

Protection from the Unforeseeable

When you think about protecting your home and assets from unforeseeable circumstances, you probably think you’ve got it covered within your insurance policy. However, insurance typically only covers major perils resulting from a fire, break-in, tornado or other major events that impact your entire home. Insurance doesn’t cover the far more likely unforeseeable things that can happen in our lives, such as a sink breaking down or a heating unit that seems to be out of commission. This is where a home warranty comes in. Home warranties are designed to supplement your insurance to make sure that your home is fully protected.

Savings on Repairs

When you have a home warranty and something in your house fails to work, you can rest a little easier and stress a little less about how to afford the necessary repairs. Depending on the type of warranty you choose, you could have everything from your electrical and plumbing systems to your washer and dryer covered. Typically, you will only need to pay a small service fee for repairs needed during the period of the warranty. This can add up to significant savings on your part, especially if an expensive repair is required.

Ability to Save After Buying

Chances are, your funds will be a little low immediately after buying a home, and you probably will not have the money needed to make repairs right away. A home warranty provides peace of mind while you work on returning to your normal financial situation, as you will probably not be footing the bill if something breaks.

Protection of Your Safety Net

A home warranty can protect any emergency funds you have been saving up, as they will likely not be needed to make most of the repairs needed during the period of the warranty. The investment in a warranty can allow you to save more money and minimize the need to dip into your savings.

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