8 New Home Spring Maintenance Tips

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As the weather warms up and spring is in full swing, there’s no better season to show your new home a little extra TLC after a long winter of neglect. While your new home should require very little maintenance, the extra love will keep it looking its best throughout the year and will prevent the need for repairs and large improvements in the future. Check out our list of easy spring home maintenance tips you can complete easily over a weekend, and keep your home in top shape for years to come.

Clean Gutters

1. Clear Out Your Gutters

Winter and fall tend to wreak havoc on gutters, and yours are probably filled with autumn leaves and debris that could prevent them from draining properly once April’s showers arrive.

Climb up and visually inspect the gutters around your house and clear out any potential blockages you find.

Organize Tool Shed

2. Prep Your Tool Shed

There’s nothing more frustrating than finding a tool is out of order right when you need it most, so check out all of your gas and battery-powered yard tools to make sure they’re still working and ready for use.

Have the blades on your lawnmower and weed whacker sharpened so you’ll have no problem keeping your lawn tamed once summer arrives.

Clean Out Fridge

3. Clean Out Your Fridge

Spring is the perfect time to stock your fridge full with fresh berries and produce, so make sure you’ve got plenty of space to store them. Clean out your fridge and freezer and throw away any old, expired or freezer burned foods.

Spritz an antibacterial cleaner on a rag and give all of the shelves and drawers a thorough scrubbing.

Check Smoke Alarms

4. Inspect Your Batteries

You should test and replace the batteries in your smoke alarm and CO2 detectors every season, and spring is no exception!

Keep your family safe and protect your new home by making it a habit to inspect your batteries this season.

Change Air Filters

5. Change Your Air Filters

Spring is one of the worst seasons for allergies, so keep the sniffles to a minimum by changing out your air filters. Fresh filters will ensure your home is filled with nothing but fresh air, and everyone in your family will breathe a little easier.

In the future, remember that it’s recommended that you change your air filters every three months, so get in the habit of doing this with the start of every season.

Prune Plants

6. Prune Your Shrubs and Trees

Plants filled with dead twigs and damaged branches aren’t worthy of showing off to the neighbors, so improve their health by giving all of the shrubs and trees in your yard a good pruning.

Prevent damage from spring and summer thunderstorms by trimming tree branches back so they hang no closer than seven feet from your home.

Sump Pump Cleanout

7. Inspect Your Sump Pump

A backed up sump pump is every homeowner’s worst nightmare, so prevent this disaster by inspecting your pump early in the season.

Make sure everything is functioning properly and replace the batteries in the backup.

Clean Stove & Oven

8. Clean out Your Oven and Stove Top

Whether you plan on whipping up a fresh apple pie (or two!) or a batch of fresh berry muffins, make sure you’ve got a clean place to do so by giving your oven and stove top a thorough cleaning.

Run the cleaning cycle on your oven before the summer heat hits and scrub all of the burners on your stove before the buildup gets the chance to become a fire hazard.

For other seasonal maintenance tips to keep your home looking its best, check out LGI Homes blog!

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