7 Excellent Tips for Moving with Children

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Here at LGI Homes, we pride ourselves in building communities that appeal to residents of all ages; including children. From neighborhood parks and playgrounds to community pools and walking trails, our communities are designed with families in mind. While we’re sure your children will love living here once you’re settled, we understand that moving with kids poses many unique challenges and can be an emotionally trying experience. Follow these tips to make your family’s transition to your new home as seamless as possible, plus an adventure for the whole family to embark upon and enjoy together.

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Family with Children Packing for Move

Anyone who has made a big move as a child knows that leaving friends behind and making new ones is easier said than done, which is why we’ve created 7 tips to help you and your family.

1. Make the Move Exciting – It’s common for children to become depressed at the idea of moving to a new place, even if it’s only a few towns up the road. Instead of simply telling them that you’ll be moving and allowing their natural fears and insecurities to take hold, intervene and make this transition something fun and exciting. Focus on the adventure aspect and all of the new places you’ll have to explore together. Stress the importance of their assistance in moving to give them a sense of responsibility. The more optimistic and positive you are about the move, the more receptive to the idea they’ll be too.

2. Include Them in the Process – When you’re touring our community, bring the kids along and let them have a say in the house you choose, especially if they are older. Ask for their input regarding the different floor plans, and ask them how they would decorate each room if it were there own. Including them in the process will help them get excited about the move, and will show them you value their opinions.

3. Cut Down on the Clutter – Chances are, you’ve got boxes upon boxes of old toys and clothes from your child’s younger years that aren’t being used anymore. To minimize the amount of stuff you have to move and the clutter upon arrival, sit down your you children and go through their old belongings together. Sort out what can be donated and what needs to be kept. Including them in this process is better than simply getting rid of the items without their knowledge.

4. Have a Goodbye Party – One of the most difficult parts of moving for children is the realization that they won’t see their friends as often, and the farther away you’re moving, the harder this will be for them to handle. Give your children the chance to gather with all of their friends one last time by hosting a goodbye party. Set out a guest book for all of their friends to sign, and ask them to include their addresses, phone numbers and emails to make staying in touch easier. Modern technology has made it easier than ever for people to stay close despite distance, and stressing this fact to your kids is essential in making the transition less painful.

5. Don’t Pack Everything at Once – While it may be tempting to load up the boxes right away once you know you’re moving, you don’t want to pack up your child’s belongings too quickly. Children are often very emotionally attached to their toys and items, and not having access to their favorites can be stressful. Furthermore, living in a house full of boxes for weeks on end can cause them to lose their sense of home and security. Pack up as much as you can while leaving the essentials out for as long as possible.

6. Have Entertainment for the Road – If the trip to your new home is more than a few hours long, be sure to load up the car with plenty of snacks and entertainment to keep your kids satisfied on the drive.

7. Be a Tourist in Your New Town – Once you’ve settled down in our community, spend some time checking out everything your new town has to offer with your children. This includes our neighborhood amenities as well as local attractions. Our communities are all built to provide convenient access to a wide variety of shopping, dining and recreation opportunities, and your kids will love getting to see all of the exciting places in their new area.

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