Top Three Home Projects for (Almost) Spring

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While the true beginning of Spring remains a ways off, many parts of the country have enjoyed a mild and warm winter that is already easing into the fairer weather of the year’s most joyful season. The sun is shining, trees are budding, and the urge to dive into some springtime home projects may already be strong. Even for those still locked in rain, ice or snow, the drear may be wearing thin, and a spring-themed project may not only lighten the look of the house, but your mood as well. To that end, we present the top three springtime home projects, and how to go about accomplishing them!

Top Three Home Projects for Spring

It's that time of year again when spring cleaning, gardening, and home improvement projects come to life.

1. Get the Garden Going. If you live in one of the country’s warmer climates, such as the Sunbelt, Texas, or California, your growing season for spring is just about to commence. If the soil isn’t too moist or too hard, begin by weeding your planting areas and then tilling in soil amendments such as compost or fertilizers. Remove dead or frost-damaged plants, and trim your perennials. Once the threat of frost has passed, you can begin setting in new plants and flowers, including summer-bloomers. For those still stuck indoors, March is an excellent time to begin seedlings indoors that can be transplanted to the outside once the weather warms.

2. Prepare for Spring Cleaning. The annual festival of dusting and deep-cleaning may be a few months away, but you can get a headstart by tackling some of your home’s storage areas—spending some time now sorting, organizing and reducing your “stuff” can help immeasurable when it comes time to clean. Go through closets and remove for donation items that are no longer worn. Damaged clothing can be relegated to rags, or simply thrown away. If your closet is chaotic, now is a great time to invest in some simple closet organizing tools (like belt hangers, shoe boxes, etc.) that keep your wardrobe in order. Apply the same principles to the attic, basement or storage areas in the garage. Your home will feel lighter and more efficient as you clear out the mess, and this pre-work will make your spring cleaning much easier to tackle when it comes time.

3. Address the details. Whether you’re throwing open the doors to springtime weather, or snuggled in the house away from a storm outside, now is the perfect time to take a second look at some of the details of your home that seem to get overlooked in the busier times of the year. Small things can drag down the appearance of your home—nicked paint, cracked electrical plates, broken blinds, for example—yet they’re so minor in nature that they never seem to get addressed. This wedge of time between the hectic holidays and the beginning of summer offers a great opportunity to tackle some of the smaller home maintenance and improvement projects on your list. Most are easily accomplished in a few hours, but you’ll be amazed at the difference these details make in the happiness, comfort and pride you feel in your home!

New 3-bed Home in Houston, Texas Starting at Just $741 per Month!

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Brand new LGI Homes’ house for sale in Houston, Texas with 3 beds and 2.5 baths.

lgi homes sunrise meadow colorado houston texas

This new home from LGI features 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms all for under $741 per month

Plan Name: Colorado
Community: Sunrise Meadow (Greater Houston)

Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2.5
Garage: 2-car
Price: $741/month.

Home highlights: Two-story layout, Large Master Suite, Formal Dining Room

Floorplan features: The Colorado updates the traditional two-story home layout, with a contemporary feel perfect for today’s lifestyles. From the large family room on the first floor (a natural place for family and friends to gather), to the expanded master suite on the second floor, there’s a spot in this spacious home for everyone to enjoy. The master bath includes a separate shower and soaker tub, large vanity counter, and a huge walk-in closet. Guests enjoy a convenient powder room located in the home’s welcoming foyer!

About Sunrise Meadow: Looking to live near Texas’ adored Sugar Land, and the new Grand Parkway? Sunrise Meadow offers a beautiful, affordable and family-friendly community just minutes from these popular destinations, along with a number of neighborhood amenities that the whole family can enjoy. Stroll Sunrise Meadow’s landscaped walking trails, enjoy the neighborhood park, or fish on the 3-acre community lake! Once the day’s activity is done, you can then retreat into your very own brand-new home, built complete with thousands of dollars in designer upgrades, included at absolutely no cost to the buyer. These homes are located on oversized, landscaped lots, with fully-fenced backyards—the feel of an established community with the convenience and security of a brand new home. Location, quality construction, excellent customer service and gorgeous, affordable homes—welcome home to Sunrise Meadow!

Home and Community: The Family’s Pot of Gold

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What’s in your pot of gold? Sure, for the storied leprechauns that haunt the month of March, a pot of gold is usually brimming with piles of golden coins. But a pot of gold can also be so much more—a passion for art, the warm feeling of helping others, or even the happiness we feel on a bright and sunny day. And whether your riches consist of the smiles of your children, your bounty of dependable friends, or the loving support of your family, the true pot of gold is most often not about the money in our pockets, but rather the people who surround us at the end of the day.

Home and Community The Family's Pot of Gold

LGI Homes knows and understands the importance of family, which is why we are thinking of you and yours when we build each and every home.

And while for some the rainbow may end on a tropical beach in Hawaii, for many of us it shines down into the home, the genuine heart of every family. Made of much more than a wooden frame and plaster walls, a home is a center of experience and existence—the place we find the most comfort and peace, the place to which we happily return at the end of each day. Our home is our anchor in the world, and is where family and friends gather for life’s most important or most enjoyable moments. The humble house is not, in short, just a place to live, but the place where we keep our greatest riches: our loved ones and the memories we share together.

This important role of the home in all of our lives is why LGI Homes has focused so intently on the construction of quality family homes. Over the years, we’ve worked to make the security, warmth and happiness of homeownership available to all—and our hardwork has paid off. Thousands of homeowners are now enjoying their lives in beautiful, brand-new homes that offer space, convenience, and optimal locations, allowing them to enjoy the company of family and friends both at home and at nearby premier destinations—all at affordable prices that don’t threaten their ability to gain riches of the more monetary variety!

And we haven’t forgotten the greater context to our personal riches and happiness: the community in which we live. Our efforts don’t end with the last coat of paint on each home, but instead extend to the construction of community amenities that foster a sense of neighborhood, give our residents ample opportunity to lead active, engaged lives with their loved ones and friends. From fishing on a 3-acre community lake with your buddy, to watching the kids run and play on the playground, LGI Homes has taken the time to think through not just where you live, but how, and our thoughtful neighborhoods reflect an emphasis upon time spent together, as a family, as a group of friends, or as an entire community.

So as spring approaches, and a new year begins to lose its first blush, ask yourself: what’s in your pot of gold? And where does it reside? Will 2012 be the same as last, living out your memories in a temporary abode owned by someone else? Or will it be the year that you make the move toward owning your own house, and finally bring your treasures home?

New 3- to 5-bed Home in North Dallas, Texas Starting at Just $601 per Month!

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Brand new LGI Homes’ house for sale in North Dallas, Texas with 3-5 beds and 2 car Garages.

North Dallas Texas New Home at $601

This new home from LGI features 3-5 bedrooms and 2-car Garages all for starts at $601 per month.

Community Name: Oak Hollow

Location: North Dallas, Texas

Community highlights: Greenbelt areas, Children’s playground, Walking Trails, Community Pool

Community features: Access, convenience and character combine in Oak Hollow, offering some of the most affordable new homes in the heart of North Dallas’ Collin County. Upon passing through the beautiful stone entryway, residents and guests alike will be impressed by the community’s family- and lifestyle-friendly amenities, such as the expansive greenbelts, a local playground, and the neighborhood park. Yet the small-town charm of Oak Hollow is also a commuter’s dream, as this little enclave is located just off of I-75, and within easy reach of the myriad offerings of the DFW Metroplex. Want to have it all, in the heart of it all? Then Oak Hollow may just be the community for you!

Home Highlights: 3-5 Bedroom Plans, 2-car Garage, Oversized Lots

Home features: Each home in Oak Hollow includes over $10,000 in designer upgrades, included at absolutely no additional cost to the buyer. These include imperatives like quality appliances and an included refrigerator, but also fine details like custom cabinets, rounded corners and high ceilings. Each home lot has a fully-fenced backyard and front-yard landscaping, as well as quality deed restrictions that protect the character of the neighborhood. Best of all, homes in Oak Hollow start at just $601 per month!

New 5-bed Home in Houston – Under $800 per Month!

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Brand new LGI Homes’ house for sale in Houston, Texas with 5 beds and 2.5 baths.

Houston Texas New Home Under $800

This new home from LGI features 5 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms all for under $800 per month.

Plan Name: Driftwood
Community: Mallard Crossing
View all available homes for sale

Bedrooms: 5
Bathrooms: 2.5
Garage: 2-car

Price: $783/month.

Home highlights: Downstairs master suite, Second floor game room,

Floorplan features: The Driftwood is a spacious plan that offers plenty of room, privacy and convenience for larger households. With five full bedrooms, even smaller families may enjoy the added benefit of a home study, office or hobby room! The downstairs master suite gives owners the ultimate in privacy and serenity, while the four upstairs bedrooms enjoy easy access to the floor’s oversized gaming room—easily the second heart of the home. The main heart of the home—the living and dining areas—flow together to create an open but warm living space toward the rear of the home.

About Mallard Crossing: Looking for quality, affordable homes in a desirable setting, close to area dining, shopping and employment venues? Look no further than Mallard Crossing, LGI Homes’ premier new homes community in Northwest Houston. Each 3-5 bedroom home comes with over $10,000 in designer upgrades included at no additional cost to the buyer, and every lot is oversized, with fully-fenced backyards and front-yard landscaping included. Community amenities include a neighborhood park, walking trails and a beautiful stone entry-way that marks your arrival home. With touches of luxury (like interior custom cabinetry), as well as practical convenience (like our 10-year structural warranty), Mallard Crossing offers everything that the discriminating buyer is searching for, right where they want to live. Stop by Mallard Crossing today, and see for yourself!

To Buy or Not to Buy?—This is the Answer

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Uncertainty and anxiety over the purchase of a home is normal even in the best of economic times, and considering the wild economic ride we’ve all been on over the past five years, it’s no wonder that many buyers—particularly first-time buyers—are still feeling a bit skittish. To these thoughtful folks, we offer the following arguments as to why buying a home right now isn’t just a good idea, but a great one… and one that you’ll be grateful for making for years to come.

Buying a Home in 2012

With so many compelling reasons to buy, what are you waiting for?

The recovery isn’t just coming, it’s already here. While the headlines are often still dreary, and there are problems left to be resolved, the truth is that the recovery in housing is already well underway. Except for some of the harshest markets, home prices have stabilized or begun to rise, due in part to increases in hiring and the return of employment security. In conjunction with record-low interest rates and exceptional home affordability, this job security is letting people move on with their lives, and into homeownership, in ways that weren’t possible just a few years ago.

Other buyers are making their move. This one we can personally vouch for: in 2011, we saw an increase of over 40 percent in our annual sales. We placed 627 households into their very own brand-new homes in 2011—all buyers who cashed in on ideal borrowing and pricing terms, and have begun their journey as owners. As optimism about the economy grows and home prices begin to rise, these lucky owners will know that they locked in their purchases at the optimum point in the market, maximizing their value and increasing their ability to build equity in their home.

How long can you wait? While the recession dragged on, many of us felt like our lives were at a standstill. We trod carefully, ensuring that we maintained our financial health and we were reluctant to make big decisions or big commitments in a time of so much uncertainty. Five years later, we may still be feeling the same hesitancy, but in truth our lives have already moved on. Perhaps you were married, had children, or are ready to downsize into a smaller home after the kids leaving the nest. How long can you continue to hold on to the realities of years ago, even as your new reality has changed? And how long will the home or apartment that fit your life five years ago satisfy your needs and desires today?

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We’ve probably all been regaled with a story from our parents or grandparents about a beneficial purchase they made—and also about one they failed to make. We’ve heard how they could have bought a home in what is now a highly-desirable and expensive community, for prices that were low, even in their day. They sigh and shake their heads at the missed opportunity, and warn you to keep your eye out, and not make the same sort of mistake. With home affordability at all-time highs, and interest-rates at all time lows, it’s apparent that the time is not only ripe for buying a home, but ideal. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime event, that won’t last forever, and can easily be missed.

To make the move when unsure requires a special sort of courage, the kind that your elders wished you to summon up when the time was right. Now, it seems, is that time. To buy or not to buy? The answer is up to you.